Privacy Warning at Youth Movement #3, Surabaya City, Indonesia 08/27/2023 | Photo by Agid Antaris

Agid Antaris Photo Column—Privacy Warning

Sep 30, 2023

It was a very stunning performance with a vocalist who was very emotional and also very attractive. Privacy Warning is a raging hardcore punk band very influenced by the band Gag. Their underground movement without social media continues to bring punk culture to the Surabaya scene.

Instagram @jurnal.panggung

From the band's Bandcamp:
Privacy Warning is a savage hardcore/punk attack hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia. This mutant ponx creature’s latest demo will be released on cassette tape.

To distribute their music more widely, Privacy Warning are really open to anyone who may interested to release this demo in various continents. Text us via: [email protected]

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