Jan 21, 2022

This is effectively a two-for-one package from this Albany, N.Y. quartet as it combines a new album, Isolation, with 2020’s Resignation, previously only a digital release, all on one record. I need to set out my stall straightaway here. The best thing for me are the vocals of Mike and Jasmine, which add something different to the skate punk/melodic hardcore genre. Either jointly, or individually, it sounds fresh and invigorating, elevating this above many other bands playing this kind of music, and I love them. Musically it has moments which remind me of NOFX, Propagandhi, and a host of other big hitters, yet ATF is engaging me more than some of them have done in a long while. Having been around for a good few years, the band is technically proficient, tight, and knows what works well within its structure. Aided by the work of The Blasting Room, the sound is nailed down perfectly. It offers melody and punch in abundance, all creating an invigorating record. On each side there is a guest vocalist with Jon Snodgrass popping up on the excellent “Mileage” on the Isolation side and Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath on “No Resolve” on the flipside. There’s an all-round depth to this record which is what makes me like it so much. All in all, this is half an hour or so of cracking songs. –Rich Cocksedge (Say-10, [email protected], / SBÄM, [email protected],