AFRO-PESSIMISM #1, free, 8½” x 5½”, printed, 20 pgs.

Afro-Pessimism: A Pre-Introduction is just that: merely the front matter to a much longer primer on the subject—a primer that is available, in its totality, for free online as a ninety-four-page PDF. (Afro-pessimism, as explained by Joseph Winters in his September 5, 2017, Black Perspectives article, “Blackness, Pessimism, and the Human,” is the philosophy that “humanism incorrectly assumes that all forms of suffering can ultimately be redressed and overcome through the grammar of rights, respect, and compassion” and that “humanism is blind to its own condition of possibility because the coherence of the Human relies on the exclusion of blackness.”) As is explained on the zine’s first page: “Don’t be mistaken, what you hold in your hands is not by itself an introduction to this thing called Afro-pessimism. This zine is only the ‘Preface’ and ‘Introduction’ to…Afro-Pessimism: An Introduction.” In addition to the preface and introduction, this zine also contains the table of contents to this free anthology of writings on Afro-pessimism, put out by Racked & Dispatched, “a publishing ensemble” whose mission is to “push books that elaborate antagonisms toward the forces destroying out lives.” I imagine that Afro-Pessimism: A Pre-Introduction is intended to whet the reader’s appetite for the full book. Whether it does or not depends on the reader’s interest in Afro-pessimism! –Gina Murrell (