ADULT MAGIC: Self-titled: LP

Dec 06, 2019

Long Island trio that includes folks from Iron Chic, Crow Bait, and the almighty Get Bent. Melancholic, and threaded through with some big melodies. Steadfastly midtempo. Proficient enough—these folks have all been doing this a while. Ultimately, it sounds like something you might have found on an indie sampler CD in the ’90s, and that’s absolutely not a bad thing—just means it’s something you’d have gambled on and been pleasantly surprised by. The three vocalists all get their “own” songs where they sing lead, and that can be a little jarring, like it’s hard to really get my finger on the pulse of the band and what they’re aiming for. But all in all, it’s a well done, well executed affair, with contents leaning way more towards “measured consideration of contents of navel” than “an armada of fists pumping in the air,” so take that, you know, as you will. –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke)