ADULT CRASH COMICS #2, $6, 10” x 7”, full-color copied, 24 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

Part of an ongoing series about Kettner’s past life-altering experiences. In this issue, adult Kett cleans the house of an eccentric doctor whose house is filled with risqué artwork and morbid keepsakes. Kett accurately draws with detail the layout of the house along with its curiosities—including the photos of erections and Snow White keepsakes. The second story is a very young Kett dealing with several deaths in the family, all before kindergarten. Kett’s artwork is cartoonish with photographic realism. It is a full color comic but only two colors are utilized: a soft purple for the first story and a coral/salmon color for the second. It’s really quite nice to look at and Kett is up there with some of the disciplined punk comic artists alongside Nate Powell. –Rick V. (Jim Kettner,