ADRENALIN O.D.: Let’s Barbeque Millennium Edition: LP

Sep 26, 2019

New Jersey’s 1980s phenomenon Adrenalin O.D. mixed sophomoric, puerile humor and fast hardcore to scientific perfection. Like with their Millennium Editions for other classic bands like MDC, Beer City provides the 1983 A.O.D. EP Let’s Barbeque with a gorgeous reissue. Side A contains the songs from the original 7”, as well as a track from that same session that was previously unreleased. Side B contains five tracks from the A.O.D. demo tape that came out in 1982, which were never rerecorded for subsequent releases. The 45 RPM 12” format provides optimum sound quality. It’s limited to a thousand copies and was originally released on Record Store Day 2019. This is the punk vinyl equivalent of a Criterion Collection DVD. Beer City deserves major kudos for taking classic punk and hardcore so seriously. –Art Ettinger (Beer City)