ADOLESCENTS: Russian Spider Dump: CD

Jan 26, 2021

The first Adolescents release after Steve Soto’s passing is a covers album paying homage to a number of bands that influenced them. Choice covers of songs by Toxic Reasons, Simpletones, Muletrain, Spirit, Germs, Red Kross, Electric Frankenstein, Middle Class, (Canadian) Subhumans, and many others fill out the fifteen tracks here. Covers albums aren’t usually my cup o’ poison, but the performances here are, naturally, top notch, the selections fall squarely in line with the Adolescents oeuvre of late, and I like the idea of some kid being intrigued enough by something here to seek out more tunes by the Dragons and/or Flyboys. The band’s taken a heavy blow, but it’s good to hear ’em again and I hope new tunes will be in the pipeline soon. –Jimmy Alvarado (Cleopatra)

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