ADOLESCENTS: Manifest Density: CD

Sep 23, 2016

I’ve been an Adolescents fan nearly as long as they’ve existed—seen many of their assorted incarnations and side bands, own a number of their albums, and have watched the ebb and flow of their career as they, and I, have aged. This latest release is a continuation of their most recent trajectory—songs are largely mid-tempo and lean more towards the “punk” than the prototypical “hardcore” in their DNA, though the opener, “Escape from Planet Fuck,” is about as thrashy as they ever got in their early days. Fans that can get past preconceptions founded on an album more than three decades old and aren’t put off by the “rock” swing in their undertow will still find most of the elements that defined their debut album and the band’s legendary sound: churning guitar often peppered with dual-octave noodling, astute lyrics, rock-solid tunes, great backing vocals and Tony’s inimitable howl. These Adolescents have matured into a formidable unit that delivers sinewy punk that is much smarter and nuanced than may be in evidence at first blush. Kick ass they are, fan I remain. –Jimmy Alvarado (Concrete Jungle,