ADANG ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ZINE #3, ?, 8” x 11½”, copied, 24 pgs.

If you believe brevity is the soul of wit, you’ll bust a stitch reading this zine, because it’s brief as hell. The type here never appears to be reduced below twelve points in size (perhaps a self-imposed limitation intended to shackle the physical bounds of the creative process to the dimensional limitations of typewriter type? The mind boggles) and there are interviews with six different bands—Zolar X, the Daddy Sisters, BBQT, Dancer, Desdemonas, Mad Rollers, Jackets—yet the interviews are so short that the dead space on the interview pages has to be filled up with atrociously stretched photographs. To throw out some hard numbers, the interview with Dancer, all told, runs for a grand total of 263 words (for purposes of comparison, the maximum length of a single Razorcake review tops out at 300 words). A clinic on the effective use of Microsoft Word® it is not. That said, I found the minimal interviews to be surprisingly effective at communicating one or two important points about each band to me. (For Dancer, it’s that they’re on Chocolate Coated Records. For BBQT, it’s that she takes lots of hallucinogenic drugs.) In contrast, Razorcake will often have in-depth, sprawling eight-page interviews with bands I’ve never heard of that I often just flip thru without reading, because I don’t know the band and I have other things to do and I think maybe I’ll go back and read it later, but I don’t, so I don’t learn anything about the band because I never read the interview. So who’s to say which interview method is more effective? Well-played, Adang. Well-played.–Rev. Nørb ([email protected])