ADANG ROCK N ROLL ZINE #1, ?, 8” x 11½”, copied, 28 pgs.

Mar 17, 2021

Shawn is so enamored of his local music scene in Richmond, Va. that he made a dang zine about it. It’s called Adang zine, and in it, he and his “number one” Shannon profile bands, musicians, and a record label. Shannon also looks back at the last live show she attended before COVID-19 shut everything down. The bands that Shawn covers in a conversational style are Sweet Time, Sick Bags, Nightmare Boyzzz, Weekend At The Black Lagoon, Cretin Mouth, and the Josephine Network. He talks to Brower (Nancy), while Shannon sits down with Ben Carr (Last Year’s Men, Natural Causes, Personality Cult). Readers of Adang #1 get the scoop on Dig! Records, an indie label in downtown Leesburg, Va., when Shawn interviews founder Tim. Lastly, we go along with Shannon as she reminisces about when she saw bands Cold Cream and Heart Bones in concert in North Carolina in Carrboro/Chapel Hill. Anyone who loves their local scene, and misses live shows, can relate to the passion that Shawn and Shannon bring to Adang. “Hope you can waste some time reading this thing we made,” Shawn says in the intro to issue #1. But is it really time wasted when it’s something you love? –Gina Murrell ([email protected])

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