ADAM GREEN: Garfield: CD

Jul 21, 2023

Adam Green is/was a member of the “anti-folk” combo Moldy Peaches, and this is a reissue of his 2002 solo effort, replete with plenty of bonus material. The content is fairly standard singer/songwriter ilk, but, lyrically, Green is inventive and unusual to the point of being absurd and surrealistic at times, much to my delight. Some tunes have a full band, and those songs have a vaguely mid-1960s feel to them. The first fourteen of the twenty-seven tracks are the ones I would call essential; the second half of the record is pretty much alternate versions of the first half, with a Doors and Joy Division covers thrown in. Final word: I like it a lot, but I don’t need all of it. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Org Music)