ADAM FRANCE! / WELL OKAY: Nothing Mattress: Split EP

Mar 28, 2018

Four songs on acoustic guitars that would make Tim Barry choke up while choking down a beer. It’s sweet and painful when people take songs they’ve been incubating within their own skulls and finally put them to record to share with the rest of the world. Solo work has the tendency to get incredibly intimate and these tracks about heartache and home loss do just that. On the A Side it’s Adam France! from bands like Burn Burn Burn and Arms Aloft—which already have woefully honest folks penning the lyrics to those groups—and this instance is par for the course. France sings songs about moving out and moving on with a shadow of a tambourine in the background keeping pace with his acoustic. The B Side is more of the same vein with Well Okay belting out emotional scars alongside a harmonica. All tracks feel just as if you’re in their bedroom with them, watching them craft the melodies and relive the stories behind the lyrics. Perfect for those retrospective moments in life. –Kayla Greet (Tiny Dragon)