ACTIVE MINDS: Religion Is Nonsense: 10”

May 20, 2019

Active Minds are never a band that minces words or holds back. Here they are offering sonic commentary on the present moment’s many ills: religion, social media, bigot politicians, and other undesirables. Style-wise they keep it hard-driving punk with some thrashy elements, and sometimes dip into mid-to-late ’80s U.K.-style punk when it veered towards a poppier sound and added some whoa-ohs for today’s listener. I prefer their more blistering approach, as heard in “Step One,” “You’re a Fucking Idiot,” and the title track. This record comes housed in a 10” booklet of lyrics and other ruminations, along with a screen printed patch featuring Terry Graham in Monty Python’s Life of Brian. –Matt Average (Loony Tunes,