ACTION FRANK: Coming up for Air: LP

Mar 10, 2023

Just straight-up pop punk. No genre-mashing, no extraneous additions, just really, really good, non-obnoxious pop punk. Dating myself here, but think Banner Pilot, Good Men Die Like Dogs, Kimberly Steaks, The Lawrence Arms. Resoundingly excellent recording and musicianship—that bass/vocal intro to “Heading Home,” goddamn!—as well as meaningful, down-in-the-dumps interpersonal lyrics, and just weeks worth of catchiness. If I’d heard Coming up for Air when I was a teenager or a young guy, I’m fully convinced it’d be one of those formative albums for me that I still listened to decades later. Seriously, if the term “pop punk” doesn’t give you the gags, run out somewhere and grab this buoyant-ass record. So solid. Oh, and some of the most gorgeous blue vinyl and heavy, thoughtful packaging I’ve seen in some time. A band and label that aren’t messing around. –Keith Rosson (Otitis Media)

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