Aug 25, 2016

A debut LP on Youth Attack from a band with a “members of” list that goes on and on and on (Failures, Charles Bronson, Aerosols, Cut The Shit, Bones Brigade, Orchid, Ampere…); so it’s easy to assume a lot about this record. Most of the assumptions will probably be correct, but, honestly, in this case that’s not a bad thing. The record is more accessible and straight-forward than previous efforts from affiliated bands, but still retains a clean and clearly intentional presentation. The music doesn’t point to one direct influence, with heavy nods to classics like Get It Away, My America, and Condensed Flesh being offset by a very modern approach. The songs are short—but each move in different directions—and the guitar captures this perfect, just slightly overdriven tone that I love. The main riffs are fairly straightforward but there are a lot of very cool angular breakdowns that italicize sets of lyrics in the song structures. What makes this record work best is the fact that while there is a very dated influence, you get the impression that the individual members are so beyond trying to define what the aesthetics of what hardcore are—that they are no longer trying to impress themselves by trying to cop the sounds of others—and have simply moved in a different direction. –Ian Wise (Youth Attack, ihateyouthattack.com)