ABRAXAS: Feral and Filth: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

Cinci punks ABRAXAS make heavy and dark hardcore in the vein of AFI and The Nerve Agents that any student of punk rock written in the early aughts will appreciate. Feral and Filth keeps it simple with five fast and furious horror punk tracks, but what I really love about ABRAXAS is lead vocalist Kursty’s vocal style. She’s not afraid to go for that classic low pitched goth punk tone and she fucking nails it. Limited to three hundred, the physical release itself is a piece of art, featuring beautiful silk-screened inserts with gold glitter ink on black matte cardstock, white vinyl, and black on black on black everything else without looking like a parody of the genre. –Candace Hansen (Self-released, abraxashxc.bandcamp.com)

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