ABOLITIONIST: Ugly Feeling: 12” EP

Aug 01, 2019

Apparently, this is the final release from these guys who were on a hot streak with cranking out records the past few years. This outing feels a little subdued in comparison to the previous outings. The guitar crunch is still there, the drumming is top notch, and the vocals have a bit more bite than before, but there’s a feeling of restraint permeating this record, or maybe it’s melancholy brought on by the knowledge that this may very well be the end. Anyway, the songs are pretty good, and mostly on the mid-tempo side of the scale. “Failed Mutation” is a solid way to kick it all off; “Willie B. Bacon” cleverly places the subject matter in the title; “Shelter” has a good, hammering pace; “Walls” wraps it all up nicely; and “Ugly Feelings,” the most driving of all twelve is my favorite here. It has an energy that puts you right in the moment. –Matt Average (1859, 1859records.bandcamp.com, [email protected])