Jul 25, 2018

Ambitious project—this being a concept album that flips the world from one of self-absorbed callousness to one of compassion and caring, but there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Interesting timing too, at this moment in time the U.S. is flipped upside down and thrown into a dark corner. What is here before us is the question of what if the world was ordered in a way that we thought of as just? Where being vegan was the norm, animal liberation was every day, and being conscientious of the world was a given? Would it just be a change for the same? Is it human to destroy utopias? Utilizing a mid-‘80s Dischord style (the guitar tone reminds me of Michael Hampton from Embrace, SOA, One Last Wish) as the fuel, their sound is combined with an element of the present for combustion. The band incorporates peaks and valleys for maximum effect, where the message is of equal importance to presenting dynamic music for you to singalong and raise that fist to. –Matt Average (1859, 1859records.bandcamp.com, [email protected])