ABOLITIONIST: The Instant: 12” LP

Sep 26, 2018

Been waiting for this one after finding 2017’s Pinnacle EP and it doesn’t disappoint. These songs are so fast that the 12” plays at 45 rpm. With most songs hovering around the two minute mark, Abolitionist gives everything they have in every moment. In that sense, there are songs like “Totally Bonkers” that remind me of Paint It Black or Kid Dynamite in that fast, aggressively political explosion. But the record isn’t rote or repetitive. It’s not trying to imitate, but makes clear its influences. Personally, I like that, because I like knowing the genealogy of how bands think. On this record, you get that along with some really biting commentary that I’m starving for every time I listen to music these days. –Theresa W. (1859, 1859records.bandcamp.com)