ABOLITIONIST: A New Militance: 10”

May 20, 2019

A concept record of sorts from this Oregon band, detailing a near-future in which a fed up women’s movement uses any means necessary to overthrow an unnamed “autocrat” and claim true equality. With musical influence from Propagandhi and an understandable disgust with the current state of American leadership, these guys do an admirable job of showing their support for women, even if some of the lyrics are a bit on the nose and individual songs feel incomplete at times. Unfortunately, my recurring thought while listening to this record is that a man is singing these words, representing women’s voices. I certainly don’t want to criticize though, as vocally supporting this movement—being allies—is a crucial role, and that’s clearly the place that this band is coming from. –Chad Williams (1859, 1859records.bandcamp.com / Different Kitchen, differentkitchenrecords.bandcamp.com)