ABE PARTRIDGE: Cotton Fields & Blood for Days: LP

Jul 25, 2018

Straight up, this is a country, bluegrass, folk record made by an ex-preacher who’s also ex-military. It was sent to Razorcake because it has a song called “I Wish I was a Punk Rocker.” The lyrics to that song are ridiculous: “I want to be a punk rocker / because it seems like the right thing to do.” Huh? Why does it seem like the right thing to do? Oh, I see. It’s explained in the song after he gets out his leather jacket and has the barber do him up the wildest of hair: “Rock stars get all the ladies / Best drugs and top shelf booze.” Just because CBGB stands for “country, bluegrass, and blues” doesn’t mean that’s what the Ramones and other bands were playing in there, nor is it what many of them listen to outside of punk. And I, for one, don’t want to listen to a bible thumper sing about being angry and depressed so he can be a punk who’s got nothing to lose. There are other folk songs on here about Mobile, Ala., prison tattoos, and one that just screams “Satan your kingdom must come down” over and over again. Honestly I couldn’t even make it to the B-side. This is not your target audience, Abe. –Kayla Greet (Skate Mountain)