ABADDON: Jarocin ‘84: LP

Jul 29, 2020

“Jarocin” was a series of festivals held in the titular Polish town throughout the ’80s and ’90s as a showcase of music the kids were grooving to. It became crucial to underground music because Poland at the time was part of the Warsaw Pact, which meant its government was effectively a totalitarian state. Punk and other types of music were not played on official radio stations and, thus, one of the only avenues bands had to be seen—as people were able to witness live performances of this kind of music—was at these shows. Kids would tape performances and trade them, and so on. What we have here is a recording of the band Abaddon performing at the festival in 1984. Their set is largely thrashy, energetic, and very much live, warts and all. The recording itself sounds like it came from a pristine, first-generation soundboard recording. I do wish there was more info included in the gatefold sleeve or some sorta insert to provide context, but even a cursory web search can provide much of that in a pinch. –Jimmy Alvarado (Warsaw Pact)