AARON TROYER: Trappings of a Golden Myth: CS

Jul 20, 2021

I might be like totally outing myself as a fake intellectual to say that the insert for this cassette reminded me of that Gotye video where he gets super painted and moody. I think it might actually be a famous painting of some sort? Maybe the musician’s art? Who knows? It’s beyond me. The point is that I don’t think Gotye was that weird of a thing to be summoned to my mind before I listened to this record. It’s definitely less twee than that, but has the same shodden and discouraged tone even if the lilting guitar is a little more upbeat than that. Honestly, what comes to mind is James Taylor in his more upbeat moments. And that’s not to make judgment one way or the other—it’s just what it is. –Theresa W. (No Coast)

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