99 MM #44, $5 or trade, 8½” x 5½”, Risograph, printed, 20 pgs.

A zine highlighting graffiti and tags from all over the U.S. In this issue, Vanek (Japanther/Howardian) dishes out more photos of tags, cassette reviews, and a recipe for red lentil-pumpkin soup. There’s an interview with graffiti artist Gen II where the questions are typed out and the answers are written by Gen II’s own hand. It’s pretty cool to see the tagger write answers with their unique artistic style, even though it’s illegible sometimes. The blue ink printing style is cool but I would be more stoked if the graffiti pages were in color, or at least posted on the Insta account. –Rick V. (Ian Vanek, [email protected], @9mm_zine)