7 YEARS BAD LUCK: Great, Big, Nothing: CD

Jan 31, 2018

7 Years Bad Luck is a pop punk outfit from Innsbruck, Austria. I was intrigued going into this record, with my little exposure to the music of Austria. The first song, “No Control,” touches on some traditional pop punk themes sung in vocals ranging from soft harmonies to fairly aggressive spouting by the lead vocalist. The following tracks build nicely upon this foundation, where “Another” features slightly more aggressive instrumentation, where tracks like “Some Day” are more downcast and melodic. The vocals do occasionally become obnoxious on songs like “Takes One to Know One” or “Another Year,” which sound angsty to a fault, but, generally, listening to these guys is fairly painless. The lead guitar on this release is generally pretty subdued, but does play a surprisingly rocking and exhilarating solo on “Olympia.” Although a pretty meat-and-potatoes pop punk record, this release is a fairly fun and listenable follow-up to their previous LPs, and may be enjoyable to fans of the genre looking for more. –Anna Farr (Monster Zero, monsterzerorecords.com / No Reason, noreasonrecords.blogspot.com)