60’WHALES: Outside the Territory: CD

Sep 29, 2020

Melodic pop punk from Yokohama, Japan. This peppy, energizing treat of a record features alternating scratchy/shouty and dulcet vocals, like sugar and spice. It’s a spicy, sweet delight. The keyboard adds a fun, jubilant tone, but less like a party favor treat and more like the party starter. This record just feels good. I was chair dancing all the way through. By the end I really wanted to see what they were like live, but Googling “60’whales videos” was not as helpful as I had hoped. The results were a lot like what happens when you try to Google “Spanish Love Songs,” which in a weird way this band reminds me of, but where Spanish Love Songs is sad party punk, 60’whales are all-party and not sad bastards. –Lorien Lamarr (Anti-New Waves)