5th DAY, THE: Evilution: 7”

Sep 23, 2016

The 5th Day are a D.C. band that recorded in 1985 and are now just getting the 7” out. (I guess there really is a backlog in vinyl pressing these days.) It’s a good job they did. The songs ride the line between punk’n’roll speed and early DC hardcore. “One Way Ticket” opens the record with a speed bomb featuring a classic ‘80s HC riff and a catchy chorus. The second experiments with some T.S.O.L. flouncyness without losing the speed. “Y.A.B.D.” should have been a classic. This is an authentic relic for fans of early SoCal punk or DCHC interests. –Billups Allen (Self-released, 5thday.bandcamp)

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