500 MILES TO MEMPHIS: Hard to Love: CD

Jan 21, 2022

I’ve seen stuff about these Cincinnatians for some time now, and what I’ve seen and read has been consistently positive, yet prior to this review cycle I had never actually heard them myself, and now that I have I, too, am smitten. For any yokels like myself who may not yet be familiar with 500MTM’s stylings, they play self-described “punk Americana.” I think of it as if mid-’80s Soul Asylum spent way too much time listening to Hank Williams or Pogues records. From start to finish, over and over again, this record has been worth my time, and “Stereo” has become my anthem for post-pandemic ennui, validating my compulsion these days to do only the barest minimum of shit I don’t like, so thank you, gents! –The Lord Kveldulfr (Paper + Plastick)

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