45 ADAPTERS: Now or Never: 12” EP

May 25, 2021

45 Adapters are one of the niftiest groups to emerge out of Brooklyn’s bourgeoning oi scene. Those of us who have had the pleasure of seeing them live will never forget them. They blend the best of the musical forms skinheads enjoy, including oi, ska, and reggae. Their seventh release, Now or Never, springs six new songs onto the world, pressed on a fancy format called a UV digitally printed record. Check out the Pirates Press website for an explanation of what a UV digitally printed record is compared to a picture disc, which includes an explanation of why this format sounds better than its visual competitor. Apparently, it’s an actual vinyl format, whereas picture discs are made of a related, but different material. In any event, it’s as stunning-looking as the music contained within. –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press)