Razorcake Podcast #414 with John Di Marco

Aug 05, 2016

I tried to get hyped up and kick up some dust! Ended up crying in my beer. Of course from the sadness and pain, but also the beauty of life and love that cuts right through it. Here are some songs that really move me (to tears, apparently). It’s a laugh-cry. It ebbs and flows. Is this what forty is really like?

“Clean your teeth and get to bed on time
Can’t recall why I’ve been so afraid
Of the dim and quiet life
Head in the clouds and both feet in my grave”
“Blank Slate,” The Arrivals

Hey, sorry to get all Wavy Gravy on you, but these are some grownup feelings I am still figuring out. Thank the ‘Cake that I can touch on it here with y’all.

I forgot to announce the Duncan Redmonds song—and I can’t figure out who is singing on this track. I have the CD and it states Dickie Hammond on guitar, I assume Duncan on drums. If anyone can shed some light, please contact us here. I’ll be honest; this one wasn’t so cracking for me at first, but really touches me now.

RIP Justin Bokma, one of my first local skate heroes, and John Stabb, truly one in a billion.

Enjoy the tunes.

-John Di Marco



Kremlin, “Anti Septic” (Hardware)
- - -
Descendents, “Mr Bass” (New Alliance)
Complaint Box, “This Dog Is Done”
The Vindictives, “Seventeen” (Skull Duggery)
Government Issue, “Caring Line” (Giant)
Tom Gabel, “Amputations”
Sinkin’ Ships, “Running and Jumping”
- - -
Abyss, “Flesh Cult” (20 Buck Spin)
Triage, “Retaliatory Strike”
IDNS, “Real Man”
Dragged In, “Empty Glasses”
Dead Prez, “Fucked Up”
Malos Modales, “El Mundo Nos Mata (Drunken Sailor)
- - -
Jahangir, “5 Days” (Hardcore Kitchen)
Souad Abdullah, “unknown title” (Sublime Frequencies)
Black Tambourine, “Heartbeat” (Slumberland)
Stay Clean Jolene, “Record (live)”
Big Eyes, “Ain’t Nothing but the Truth” (Grave Mistake)
- - -
Frankie Stubbs, “This Modern World” (LittleLondonStudios)
Duncan Redmonds feat. Dickie Hammond, “Don’t Leave The Planet Without Me” (Boss Tuneage)
Donovan, “Get Thy Bearings”
- - -
Lungfish, “Creation Story” (Dischord)

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