Razorcake Podcast #411 with Craven Rock and his buddy Kieran

Jul 15, 2016

“Everything has been done, so stop making art.” This is something haters have been saying as long as people have been expressing themselves. Just like people have always been talking about it being the end of the world, people have been talking about how everything has already been done and how all the stories have been told. However, if you believe in science, the idea of the end of the world has never been more real. If you are constantly inundated with information, than it probably seems truer than ever that everything has been done.

Ever the cynic, I often espouse similar rhetoric. I’ll be the first to mention something has been done a thousand times or to call a band a weak imitation of its influences—particularly when it comes to punk or rock’n’roll. Well-trod territory, indeed. But I’m not a hater because I am truly obsessed with music; always looking for something I haven’t heard that truly excites me. It’s chasing the dragon to want music to be as fresh and exciting as it was when I was a teenager. But I can’t imagine not seeking out new music. That’s like not reading books anymore—which is something else people give up on. I haven’t given up. Sometimes, all I’m doing that’s not giving up is seeking out new music. I’m pickier. I dig deeper. I look harder. And, yes, I’m cynical.

But life without getting into music that is new to me would be a dark and cutting insult. I got to thinking about this when I looked at this set and realized there’s not a single artist on it I’ve been a fan of for more than a year or two. That wasn’t even intentional.

Keep making art. Stay engaged. Don’t give up.

-Craven Rock



“Winter Blows” – Grizzlor, Cycloptic (Hanging Like a Hex)
“Winter Song/Ocean” – Shallow Cuts Radon/Shallow Cuts Split (No Idea)
“Rocket Summer” – The Veterans The Veteran’s Qu4rtet (Striped)
- - -
“Day of the Dog” – Ezra Furman Day of the Dog (Bar None)
“Don’t Just Sit There” – The Crack In Search of the Crack (Daily)
“Burnpiles,” Swimming Holes – Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires Dereconstructed(Sub Pop)
“Move to Durham and Never Leave” – Martha Courting Strong (Fortuna POP!)
“Spirit Sin” – Annex Despues De VI (Mass Media)
- - -
“Vietnam Sports Coat” – PremRock (produced by Dr. Quandary) Who Art in Nada (Self-released)
“Bullshit” – clipping. Feat. Jalene Goodwin midcity (Sub Pop)
“Death Drive” – Sole And DJ Pain1 Death Drive (Black Box Tapes Trading Company)
- - -
“That Feeling (Beat the Game)” – Sammus Another M (NuBlack Music Group)
“Retribalize” – C.S.X.T.C Self-titled(Self-released)
“Dirtyrugz” – Fleeta Partee Lifemuzik Deux (A.H.R.)