Last day of the 2019 June Subscription Drive!

Jun 30, 2019

Get a 10 issue subscription for $17!

In the last several years Razorcake was forced to shift away from traditional magazine distributors and put our faith in those who have been with us since day one: our readers. Thankfully, people pulled through and we’re still in business!

The Sponsor A Space Program and the June Subscription Drive are our future and we couldn’t be happier about it.

This June you can sign up for a 10 issue subscription to Razorcake for $17, shipping included. You get over a year and a half of great DIY punk coverage. That’s $1.70 an issue. It’s a goddamn steal. You can add to your existing subscription. One sub per person. (Unless it’s a gift for someone else.) U.S. only.

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