1984: W Holdzie Fanatykom Marszu: LP

Nov 27, 2018

Absolutely fantastic reissue of early recordings from this cold wave band that was active in Poland in the mid-to-late ’80s. Comparisons to the Red Wave bands (Kino, et cetera) are impossible to ignore, as 1984 were probably working with the same influences and source material, though the guitars here are more prominent and this feels much more organic due to the fact that the songs were all recorded live. I don’t want that to dissuade anyone reading this who doesn’t like live recordings, as the sound is clear and the mix is very well balanced. In fact, I listened to this twice before I even read the description and didn’t even notice that it was live. If you are into the Minimal Wave comps or have even a passing interest in dark wave/cold wave, then this is essential listening from both a historical perspective as well as an aesthetic perspective. Highest recommendations. –Ian Wise (Pasazer)

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