1981, THE: Easy (It’s Not): Flexi 7”

May 28, 2020

Excellent debut track from Oakland’s own The 1981, featuring Adam Widener (of solo and Warm Soda fame) and Bobby Martinez from Circuits. The single’s only track is a monster. Mellow at the start until the song kicks in full-blown, showcasing the duo’s unassuming power. Fans of both punk and indie/Britpop-leaning stuff will eat this up. Catchy and upbeat with well-crafted lyrics, this track is worthy of the noteworthy plugs it’s received, including Billie Joe’s Spotify playlist. It’s difficult to pin point precisely what they sound like, but if you’re a fan of Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, this is right up your alley. –Steve Adamyk (Dandy Boy, the1981.bandcamp.com)

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