156: Memento Mori: 10” EP

May 31, 2017

True “industrial” music is a bit of a challenge to review—how does one assess what is often essentially a collection of noise, some occasionally culled from recordings of working machines, hunks of sheet metal being bashed, and the like? Still, I must profess a fondness for the stuff, and this is no exception. A collection of recordings utilizing only instruments made from human bones, this howls, whispers, squeals, and clangs in a variety of deliveries that are at times fascinating and unsettling. Not the kind of listening that involves bobbing heads and singing along, this is more about introspection and mood evocation. It ain’t for everyone, but it is worth the effort for those interested in something a bit off the beaten path. –Jimmy Alvarado (156, onefivesix.bandcamp.com)

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