107.8682 u, $5.68, 3” x 5”, printed, 8 pgs.

Jan 27, 2023

When I first looked at the title of this full-color photo zine, I first assumed it was a call number—a reflex if your day job is a librarian. But through some online research, I learned it’s actually the average atomic mass number of silver. Which is fitting when you consider the cover, which appears to be a close-up of a silvery tarp, and the images inside are photographs of satin-gloved hands manipulating sheets of aluminum foil. Looking at these photographs, I do feel they’re Warholian due to the focus on silver, aluminum foil (walls of the original Warhol Factory were covered in it), creation (handling and shaping of the foil), and glamour (hands sheathed in satin gloves). It’s unclear if harkening back to Warhol was the intent, but it’s definitely what this vivid little zine evokes. –Gina Murrell (Close Looker Publishing, [email protected])

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