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Razorcake 110, featuring Xetas, One Punk’s Guide to a Vegan Diet, Kamala Lyn Parks, Weird Paul, and Divtech


Cover design by Doug Burns
Cover photo by Mike Manewitz

Xetas: Interview by Todd Taylor and Jennifer Federico

“Texas’s Xetas have created a signature sound. Their music makes me think back to the punk pioneer days when there were no direct antecedents to the music punks made; bands pulled from overlooked and obscure corners and cracked them open, filtering as much inspiration from sound as they did from attitude, intention, and purpose. As much as I love and listen to classic punk, I’ll never be thirteen again in 1985, hearing it for the first time. It’s a special band that’s contemporary—sonically unmistakably a punk band playing fast with volume, noise, and force—but not just another one where a Jr. Punk Detective Kit will pull fingerprints of the usual suspects of past giants from their equipment.

Yet, fuck me if I’m not partially stumped on how to satisfyingly explain to you what Xetas do sound like. They incorporate male/female vocals and sound as if Leatherface was hell-bent on destroying music. It’s unconventional, weird-addictive-melodic punk pushed one step further. It also makes perfect sense to me that they’ve opened for both Superchunk and Mudhoney.

After doing this interview, a possible key to a deeper appreciation of Xetas is they harness the artistic iconoclasm and aesthetic limberness of Kate Bush and the raw electricity sparking from Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet—while sounding nothing like either. Xetas are a celebration of punk that doesn’t rely on cheap idolatry of past greats for direction, doesn’t need to conform to wearing-thin musical uniforms to be heard, and isn’t in a musical suburb where all we’re doing is waiting to die.” –Todd Taylor

Kamala Lyn Parks: Interview by Daniel Makagon

“Screeching Weasel told us in 1991 that Kamala’s too nice, but a short punk song couldn’t do justice to the multiple ways Kamala Lyn Parks helped shape punk as we know it today. She has been involved with some of the most important moments in Bay Area punk and beyond. Kamala was actively involved with Maximum Rocknroll early in the zine’s history, contributed to the establishment of 924 Gilman Street, and played in a range of exciting touring punk bands.

Amid these well-known projects are also lesser-known contributions to the DIY touring network. She created a model for what it meant to book one’s own life and how to tour in ways that fleshed out networks of social trust. Opportunities for today’s bands to book DIY tours can be traced to her work booking bands. And many of those bands would go on to change the conversation about what it means to be a punk and to do punk. While Kamala continues to play in punk bands (old and new), she also has used her vast knowledge and experience in the punk scene to inform important work in Bay Area transportation planning. It was a thrill to talk with Kamala about her life in punk and to learn about the links between her diverse experiences.” –Daniel Makagon

Weird Paul: Interview by Rick V.

“In 1986, a fifteen-year-old Pittsburgh kid with a guitar, boom box, and tape recorder cranked out some lo-fi rock songs about potato borscht, a deaf nun, and his father’s toe.
Thirty-two years later, Weird Paul still goes by the same name, still records from his home, and still strives for lo-fi. Despite the songs being composed and performed better, they are still very silly: “This Guy’s Got a Bone Disease,” “I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese,” and “Jolly Rancher (Stuck in Your Hair).” He also somehow managed to write one of the catchiest songs ever written about peanut butter and has recorded fifteen-plus full-length records, with one being released on Homestead Records.

Besides being an eccentric rocker, he also has been recording his life via cassette recorders, video cameras, and his journals since he was very young. Weird Paul posts these memories on YouTube. They are entrancing and poke at every nostalgic sensor in your brain.

I mostly wanted to talk to Paul about his music, but we ended up covering his internet presence, Daniel Johnston, WebTV, and the new documentary about him.” –Rick V.

Divtech: Interview by Craven Rock

“The first time I saw Divtech was a couple years ago at Autonomous Mutant Festival, an annual unpermitted gathering in the forests of the West Coast. Its origins were a hotbed of radical thought and a gathering of anti-authoritarian subversives based on the transgressive concept of the temporary autonomous zone. It’s also a place where old friends come to party—a fun party, a worthy party, and a necessary party. It serves as a family reunion for me and my reset button.

It was here I first saw Divtech, armed with a laptop, a mic, and a head full of youthful rage as he screamed his anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist screeds over fast, frenetic electronic music that crashed, screeched, and rattled. It definitely shook up some of my own complacency and comfort and reminded me of what I was looking for when I first attended the festival over twenty years ago. It was relentless, chaotic, noisy music that spoke with the urgency and fervor of punk rock. It was angry and ugly with an impassioned immediacy putting to rest stereotypes some American punks have of electronic music being soulless, repetitive, and apathetic. I wanted the punks to know all about it and nailed down an interview with Divtech. While doing research, I found Divtech’s albums came with zines full of essays that explained his songs intellectually and emotionally, with the fervor of ’90s emocore or an ’80s peace punk band. He makes the kind of art that will challenge you to get out there and do something if you give it a listen.” –Craven Rock

One Punk’s Guide to a Vegan Diet by Todd Taylor

It happened gradually, at a rate so slow I didn’t really notice it was happening. I gained weight. It happened over the course of a decade, due to working all the time and not paying too much attention to the food I ate. I wasn’t feeling very good. I was a workaholic. I didn’t exercise much. I walked. I skated. I got injured repeatedly. I just kept eating like when I was a kid.

Ten years ago, my health problems caught up with me. For the first time in my life, I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My skin and respiratory allergies were horrible. I was thirty pounds heavier than ten years before and was still gaining weight. I went to my doctor for a physical and she wanted to prescribe medication. I’d done a bit of research before my visit. Admittedly, it wasn’t much. I’d read The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health by T. Colin Campbell.

I like my doctor. She’s no bullshit.

“Isn’t it true that every single animal cell contains cholesterol—and all animal foods contain cholesterol, like meat, milk, and cheese?” I asked my doctor.

“Yes. Plant foods do not contain what’s considered cholesterol.”

“What if I stop eating those foods? Would that lower my cholesterol?”

She hesitated and let out a sigh. “Maybe a change in diet will help, but these pills are specifically designed to do just that.”

“I’m worried about the side effects. I don’t want to be on pills for the rest of my life. Give me six months and I’ll do another blood test.”

She sighed again. “You can try. Even if you eat a completely cholesterol-free diet, your body will still make cholesterol. We just need you to get into a healthy range.”

I had been vegetarian for a short time during high school, but gave it up when I felt lightheaded and generally not great. Admittedly, I didn’t change my diet much; I just didn’t eat meat.

For the six months between physicals, I ate meat once a week. I was hooked on chicken burritos. I tried to remember to exercise—to exercise for exercise’s sake, not just hauling boxes, getting laundry done, or walking to the video store, the library, and the local donuttery—but I was still working twelve to fourteen hours a day, six days a week.

Also at that time, although I knew, intellectually, I didn’t want to cause harm to animals, I continued to eat them. I’ve never killed and plucked a chicken or slaughtered a hog, but I was an excellent barbequer. I wish I could honestly say I initially stopped eating meat due to mass slaughter, inhumane conditions, and the harm meat-eating is doing, to the point of changing the global environment, but that just isn’t true. I liked the taste of meat, cheese, and dairy. They were cheap. They were readily available in the working class neighborhood I lived in. They were a short walk away.

My dad, who is a master scrounger, helped me back into cycling. I’d largely given it up after college. Los Angeles is a dangerous place to cycle, even more so a decade ago. I slowly incorporated cycling into my day-to-day activities.

My return doctor visit six months later was deflating. I was hoping the conspicuous yet admittedly slight modifications in my diet would miraculously improve my health. They didn’t. –Todd Taylor

Donna Ramone knows that “ally” is a verb. (instagram)

Jim Ruland says goodbye to an old ghost. (instagram, website, twitter)

Cristy C. Road weaponizes books. (instagram, website, twitter)

Jennifer Whiteford exposes a child to evil over pancakes.

Sophia Zarders introduces some hip students (instagram, website)

Rev. Nørb is living the dream and hitting his head. (instagram, website)

Designated Dale reminds us that death never plays favorites.

Art Fuentes wants basic human rights. SAD!!! (instagram)

Puro Pinche Poetry: Gritos Del Barrio (Edited by Ever Velasquez (instagram) and Eugenia Nicole (instagram)

“The Brightest Darkness”

after years of late nights
spent curled under piled blankets
I realized that there is no escaping it
it shines brighter than anything I have ever known annihilating everything in its path
chasing me into depressions
tiring my being
tiring my body
and striking whenever it sees fit
the flashbacks are its best move
visions of my child body lying cold on the concrete
as bullets and sirens rang above my head
you have never run unless you’ve run from something that has no intention of stopping
unless that something has made a home in your sadness

This issue’s poetry was submitted by Watts Poets, a group of high school students from South Central Los Angeles who, with the help of their English teacher Bridget Valles, created a poetry class to help educate, empower, and inspire other students to find and express their voices through poetry. Their poetry reflects daily life in their neighborhood.

And photos from the lovely and talented:
Dan Monick (instagram, website, twitter)

Chris Boarts Larson (instagram, facebook, website)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu (instagram, website)

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Kacie Sosebee

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Razorcake issue 101 Top 5s: Worriers, Propagandhi, Xetas, Dopamines, Sacrificio, Limp Wrist

Illustration by Rebecca Minjarez-Rodriguez

Razorcake issue 101 Top 5s

Illustration by Rebecca Minjarez-Rodriguez, ink-sketch.tumblr.com/

Alicia Armijo
Top Five Songs from LCD Soundsystem’s New Album, American Dream.
1. “Oh Baby”
2. “Emotional Haircut”
3. “I Used To”
4. “Tonite”
5. “American Dream”

Andy Garcia
1. Nick Cave: Mercy on Me by Reinhard Kleist (book)
2. Devo, RecomboDNA 4 x LP
3. Strangers, The Mad CS
4. Abe García, In No Particular Order Vol. II
5. Stiff Love, For the Whole Family CS

Art Ettinger
• Playoff Beard, Fun Is Fun LP
Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker (movie)
• The Templars, Deus Vult LP
• City Mouse, Get Right LP
Turn It Around: The History of East Bay Punk (movie)

Becky Rodriguez
1. Razorcake 100th Issue
2. Razorcake 100th Issue show at Cafe NELA
3. New Vans
4. My sewing machine
5. Running

Top Five Times I’ve Felt Alive This Summer/Early Autumn
1. Walking around at the SFV Zine Fest, seeing friends and talking to tablers I’d never met
2. Reading Stacy Russo’s collection of interviews with SoCal punk ladies of the 1970s and ‘80s, “We Were Going to Change the World”
3. Reaching the top of Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone with some friends, taking in the incredible view, and like, twenty minutes later, finally catching my breath
4. Watching Royal Headache at the Regent in July
5. Jogging/mostly walking to the new Downtown Boys album

Bill Pinkel
• Seeing Jawbreaker live in Chicago and being reminded how much that band means to me.
Don’t Break Down: A Film about Jawbreaker screening at the Vista
• Sheer Mag and Tenement, live at the Hi Hat
• The Chinchees, Self-titled LP
• Propagandhi, Victory Lap LP

Billy Kostka
• Dendo Marionette LP
• Vomit Pigs, Useless Eaters
• The Cowboy LP
• All of the Homostupids releases
• Nervous Gender, Music from Hell

Candace Hansen
My Top 5 Skateboarding Accounts on Instagram Right Now
• @laceybaker
• @unityskateboarding
• @technopagan420
• @asloboh123
• @programme

Chad Williams
1. Propagandhi, Victory Lap LP
2. The Lillingtons, Stella Sapiente LP
3. Exit Order, Seed of Hysteria LP
4. Sciatic Nerve, Self-titled LP
5. The Bronx, (V) LP

Chris Mason
1. Limp Wrist, Facades LP
2. Lithics, Borrowed Floors LP
3. Mr. Wrong, Babes in Boyland LP
4. Public Eye, Relaxing Favorites LP
5. Sievehead, Worthless Soul LP

Chris Terry
• Dame, Self-titled 7”
• Limp Wrist, Facades LP
• Modern Convenience, What U? 7”
• Rubber Mate, Cha Boi/Hog Tied 7”
• Howard Owen, Oregon Hill (novel)

Clara Luci Acosta
• Odd Robot, A Late Night Panic
• Sciatic Nerve, Self-titled
• The Newports, That’s Fine
• Against Me! pre/after party with Toys That Kill
• Caskitt in general

Craven Rock
1. Hitchhiking to see the eclipse with Anna
2. Secret bay of sea lions Anna and I found hitchhiking Hwy 1, Oregon
3. The Mercy of the Tide by Keith Rosson (book)
4. A Raging Forest, Dearly Departed, Tobias The Owl, Animals Of Grace at Heartthrob
5. The Journal of Albion Moonlight by Kenneth Patchen (book)

Cynthia Pinedo
5 Albums on Heavy Rotation in 2017
1. Worriers, Survival Pop
2. SOAR, Dark/Gold
3. Aye Nako, Silver Haze
4. Brett Vee, Real Soon
5. Paramore, After Laughter

Daryl Gussin
• Xetas, The Tower LP
• Xetas, The Redeemer LP
• Dark/Light, Kill Some Time LP
• Worriers, Survival Pop LP and live
• PHAG, live

Eden Kittiver
1. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
2. Iron Chic, You Can’t Stay Here
3. Dancing with all my friends at Characters for Western Settings, Squarecrow, Reunions, and Baron Bandini
4. Sports / Plush, Split EP
5. Seeing Sheer Mag at the Hi Hat

Eric Baskauskas
Top 5 Tom Petty Memories
1. Hearing Full Moon Fever in my dad’s car at age six and realizing that music was a thing that maybe meant something to me
2. Hearing “American Girl” on the radio, liking it, and then finding out that the same dude who made that other stuff made this too
3. Watching, recording, and re-watching the Tom Petty music video marathon on VH1
4. Having at least two copies of Pack Up the Plantation Live die in the tape deck
5. Teaching myself drums at age twenty-five by playing along with Full Moon Fever

Jim Woster
Top 5 Books I’ve Bought at Dollar Tree
5. Lemons Don’t Lie by Richard Stark
4. Pinkerton’s Great Detective by Beau Riffenburgh
3. Point Omega by Don DeLillo
2. Going Clear by Lawrence Wright
1. Rivers by Michael Farris Smith (A dystopian novel set on the Gulf Coast where storms never stop and which the government has abandoned)

Juan Espinosa
• Mala Leche 7”
• Tenement, The Self-titled Album 12”
• The Nurse, Discography 1983-1984 LP
• Various Artists, Tomorrow Will be Worse Vol. 2 LP (2000 release revisited)
• Sacrificio, Pulidores de Tumbas LP

Kayla Greet
Mercy of the Tide by Keith Rosson (book)
• Downtown Boys, Criminal Code, My Parade at Vera Project with Toby Tober
• Interviewing Andrew W.K. for my pinball podcast and A.W.K., live at Neumos
• 33 1/3: I Get Wet by Phillip Crandall
• Ramona (last Seattle show), Listen Lady (RIP), Choke The Pope, Pity Party, Ease, Anxious Arms at Black Lodge and Victory Lounge
• Terrible Feelings, Tremors

Kevin Dunn
1. Riot Fest 2017
2. Blondie, Pollinator LP
3. Zatopeks, Ain’t Nobody Left But Us LP
4. Dopamines, Tales of Interest LP
5. Worriers, Survival Pop LP

Kurt Morris
1. D Hunter mystery series by Nelson George (books)
2. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
3. Camp Cope, Audiotree Live
4. Unsane, Sterilize
5. Exit Order, Seed of Hysteria

1. My new podcast with Myriam Gurba: Ask Bi Grlz!
2. Myriam’s hilarious memoir, MEAN
3. Talented friends who want to do podcasts with you
4. I hate my voice but I’m doing it anyway
5. IDGAF if we fail

Mark Twistworthy
• The Gotobeds, Fucking in the Future +5 LP
• Brix And The Extricated, Part 2 LP
• Proto Idiot, Leisure Opportunity LP
• Bear Trade, Silent Unspeakable LP
• Exhalants, demo

Megan Razzetti
1. Hot Water Music, Light It Up LP
2. Iron Chic, You Can’t Stay Here
3. James Bowman’s backup vocals in all my favorite Against Me! songs.
4. Seeing De La Soul perform with Gorillaz at The Forum thanks to my brother John.
5. Back-to-back nights of seeing Against Me!, Bleached, and The Dirty Nil with some of my favorite people.

Michael T. Fournier
The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
Cometbus #58
• Worriers, Survival Pop LP
• The Effects, Eyes to the Light LP
• Protomartyr, Relatives in Descent LP and live at Middle East downstairs, Cambridge MA 9/14/2017

Mike Faloon
1. Banditos, Visionland LP
2. Buddy Holly, 20 Golden Greats LP
3. Stephan Crump, Rhombal LP
4. Man Forever, Play What They Want LP
5. Rev. Nørb, Fear of a Nørb Planet (book)

Mike Frame
• Midnite Snaxxx, Chew On This LP
• Pagans, entire catalog
• Puke, Spit, & Guts, Eat Hot Lead LP reissue
• Neil Young, entire catalog
• Mike Hudson, Unmedicated CD

• The Copyrights, Fuck You, Idiot, Bad Taste, live in Carbondale, Ill. (Eclipse weekend)
• Lost Balloons, live in Chicago
• Stiff Little Fingers, live in Chicago
• The Vibrators (Final U.S. Tour), live in Chicago
• Cubs losing in the playoffs

Paul Silver
1. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk documentary film
2. Choke Up, Stormy Blue LP
3. Against Me!, Bleached, and The Dirty Nil at The Observatory North Park, San Diego
4. Success, Reunions, The Dodges, Allweather at The Ken Club, San Diego
5. Oh! Gunquit, Lightning Likes Me LP

Rene Navarro
1. Going to a record store. Go outside, you’ll feel better.
2. Daydreaming about how rad the 100th issue show is gonna be.
3. Finally considering myself a social worker.
4. Being a DJ for Razorcake at Footsies in L.A. Come kick it!
5. The squirrel that was kind of our friend for two days. Come back!

Replay Dave
1. UVTV, Go Away 7”
2. Rot In Coffins, live
3. Dead Milkmen, Big Lizard in My Backyard re-issue
4. UVTV, Go Away 7” played at 33 1/3 instead of 45
5. Bite Marks, live

Rev Nørb
• Liquids, Hot Liqs LP
• Indonesian Junk, Stars in the Night LP
• Skip Church, Out of Tune, In Touch with Satan LP
• Ramones, Leave Home (40th Anniversary Edition) box set
• Frank Portman, King Dork Approximately (book)

Rich Cocksedge
• Wild Animals, Little Baby Sharks live at The Exchange, Bristol, U.K., 09/03/17
• Radium Grrrls, Pro Choice 7”
• DS-13 Umeå Hardcore Forever, Forever Umeå Hardcore 2 x LP
• Acrylics, “Structure” b/w “Gluttony” 7”
• Shellac, live at The Fleece, Bristol, U.K. 10/07/17

Sal Lucci
• Mick Trouble, It’s The Mick Trouble EP 7”
• Link Wray reissue LPs
• Nosferatu, live. I’m not typically a fan of hardcore, but these kids were a ball of fire, from first note to last.
• Rik And The Pigs, live
Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic (book)

Sean Arenas
• Various Artists, I Hate My Fucking Band: A Japanese Tribute to M.O.T.O. CD
• Razorcake #100 Celebration reading at Avenue 50 Studio
• Interviewing the great Udo Kier at Beyond Fest
• Creep 2 by Patrick Brice (movie)
• Ultra Violent #12 (Thanks, Art!)

Sean Koepenick
Grant Hart, RIP
1. “Wheels”
2. “She Floated Away”
3. “2541”
4. “Evergreen Memorial Drive”
5. “Admiral of the Sea”

Theresa Warburton
1. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
2. Chris Hannah’s Final Conflict T-shirt
3. Sulynn Hago
4. “Single Moms to the Front”
5. Propagandhi, Victory Lap

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Some Freaks
2. I, Daniel Blake
3. Wind River
4. Brigsby Bear
5. Dave Made a Maze

Todd Taylor
• Xetas, The Tower LP
• Pine Hill Haints, Smoke LP
• Worriers, Survival Pop LP
• Three way book tie: The Sellout by Paul Beatty, Turning Japanese by MariNaomi, Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit
• Limp Wrist, Facades LP
• Küken, Self-titled LP


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