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Typesetter Interview by Joe Arpke

Typesetter Interview by Joe Arpke

We just want to make sure everyone feels safe at our shows…

Matt: We love Propagandhi. I would say that Propagandhi is the most played band in the van.
Sarah: I have no idea who Propagandhi is.

Against Me!, Speedy Ortiz, and Typesetter By Will Malkus


On August 5, 2018 I went to see Against Me! expecting to have a great night. Instead, it was one of the best of my life.

Pouzza Fest 8 By Matty Weaver

Pouzza Fest 8

A retrospective on some of the sets of Pouzza Fest 8 in Montreal, Quebec. The reviews cover acts from all three days, spanning all the shades of punk that Pouzza prides itself on showcasing.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017: Sixty-four Bands! by Kayla Greet

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017

It was so cool to be around people I’d never met who knew all the same words and loved music in all the same ways.