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Razorcake 106, Punks and Mental Health

Razorcake 106

“It hit me about a year ago: I want to help others with their mental health issues. I’ve gotten the basics down on how to live with mental illness, but I know not everyone does.” –Kurt Morris

Featured Book Reviews Razorcake #101: Nails, The Difference Between, To Funk and Die in LA

Featured Book Reviews Razorcake #101

I came across scenes where I cringed at the brutal description (if I ever have to shave my asshole I’m going to be sooo careful) but the fact that it did so is a sign of Johnson’s talent. -Kurt Morris, reviewing MP Johnson’s Nails.

One Punk’s Guide to Christian Punk By Kurt Morris

One Punk’s Guide to Christian Punk

I can almost guarantee your first thought when you saw the title to this piece was, “Christian punk? What in the world is an article about Christian punk doing in Razorcake?” Well, it’s likely you’ve come across a punk or two (especially if you live in an area with a predominantly Christian population) who describes themselves as a Christian punk…