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Top 5s from Razorcake 110 featuring: Martha

Illustration by Steve Thueson

Andy Garcia
1. Haram, Where Were You on 9/11? 7”
2. Fatamorgana, Terra Alta LP
3. Razorbumps, …The Cassingle
4. Vintage Crop, Company Man 7”
5. Altar De Fey, The Insatiable Desire…For More LP

Art Ettinger
• Dead Bars, Regulars LP
• The Pathogens, We’re Catchy LP
• Haram, Where Were You on 9/11? 7”
• Giuda, E.V.A. LP
• Bad Religion, Age of Unreason LP

Bill Pinkel
• Hüsker Dü
• The Coathangers, The Devil You Know LP
• The Cowboys, The Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP
• Spanish Love Songs, American Steel, and Hot Water Music, live at the Echoplex, tied with Stay Free: The Story of The Clash podcast
• Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP

Chad Williams
1. Charger, Self-titled 12”
3. The Briefs, Platinum Rats LP
3. Moral Panic, Self-titled LP
4. CJ Ramone, The Holy Spell… LP
5. Fried Egg, Square One LP

Chris Mason
1. Marbled Eye, Leisure LP
2. Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP
3. Fatamorgana, Terra Alta LP
4. Priors, New Pleasure LP
5. Landline, Self-titled LP

Chris Terry
• Postage flexi EP
• The World Is A Vampire, “Trenchsewer” b/w “Heartshorn” LP
• Bob Mould Band, live in L.A., March 2019
• Lee “Scratch” Perry, Roast Fish, Collie Weed, & Cornbread LP
• Marlon James discussing his new book Black Leopard, Red Wolf with Roxane Gay at the Museum of African-American Art in L.A.

Craven Rock
1. Release of my book: Juggalo Country: Inside the World of Insane Clown Posse and America’s Weirdest Music Scene on Microcosm Press
2. #eggboy
3. Billy Bragg at Tractor Tavern
4. Büriën, Snow White And The Baby Eaters, The Disorderlies, C U Next Tuesday at Kraken
5. Hellbent For Horror podcast

Daryl Gussin
Top 5 Favorite Lyrics from Black Dots’ Everything Has Gotta Change
5. “Fight, fight, for what seems right, seemed to happen every night, common sense was a luxury they could never ever comprehend.”
4. “Open up it’ll make you weep. It’s a cry out loud and a tear on my cheek.”
3. “Remember back as far as you can, did you fall in line or take a stand?”
2. “I’m not afraid of getting old.”
1. “I waited my whole life for the world to do the right thing, traded my passion in for patience, but no more.”

Dayna Castillo
1. Stay Free: The Story of The Clash podcast
2. Viagra Boys, Street Worms LP
3. Murderer, I Did It All for You LP
4. Surfbort, Billy EP
5. Idles, Joy as an Act of Resistance LP

Designated Dale
1. Thee Sinseers. Genuine soul and R&B is very much alive and well here in Los Angeles. You wish your band was this great.
2. Mickey Leigh, Mutated Music EP. Mickey and Co. continue to keep the true spirit of NYC rock’n’roll rocking and rolling.
3. Young John Watson, Motor Head Baby 7”. Back in 1953, this groovin’ R&B single hit the stands, and the copy I have belonged to my father who was but a slicked-back sixteen-year-old.
4. Downtown Juan, Robert Corales, and others serve up their version of cumbias, and it is gooooood.
5. L7 should have a new full-length record out on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records by the time you’re reading this, and the few tracks I’ve heard so far promise a great time for all (it’s L7, for fuck’s sake!).

Eric Baskauskas
• Oozing Wound, High Anxiety LP
• Devil Master, Satan Spits on Children of Light LP
• Malokarpatan, live at Roadburn
• Amyl And The Sniffers, live in Brussels
• Sekrete, Endless Fucking Nightmare CS

Jamaica Dyer
• Sophie Yanow’s serializing her webcomic about queer punk biker kids in Paris on thecontradictions.com
• Koak’s new series of paintings “Holding Breath” is going to be showing at Union Pacific in London.
• Rachel Fannan’s putting out new solo tracks on Spotify (and just joined the psych rock outfit Black Mountain)
• Tara Booth’s painted comics are everything; the new book DUI from Colorama looks superb.
• Silver Sprocket’s storefront in the Haight, I will visit you this month.

Jimmy Alvarado
• Mike Villalobos’ birthday bash with The Gears, La Tuya, Terpenes, Akrid, and Baron Bandini, 4/20/19 at Café NELA
• Red Brigade, La Tuya, Jesus & The Dinosaurs, 4/26/19 at Café NELA
• Prince Street Pizza, New York
• Dollar Boys podcasts
• It’s almost summer!

Kayla Greet
1. The Murderburgers in someone’s kitchen at The Murder Mine, b/w The Briefs and The Stitches at Clockout Lounge on the same night (Seattle). Back-to-back gigs!
2. Bob Mould Band at Wonderland Ballroom (Portland), and at Neumos (Seattle). Back-to-back gigs!
3. Tsunami Bomb at Tony V’s (Everett), and at Jazz Bones (Tacoma). Back-to-back gigs!
4. Criminal Code (RIP), Arctic Flowers, Pleasure Leftists at Jankuland / King’s Books (Tacoma)
5. Laura Jane Grace And The Devouring Mothers with Control Top at Doug Fir (Portland)

Kevin Dunn
1. La Tuya, Self-titled
2. Electric Eels Shock, Best of EES
3. Affected Youth, Formative Years
4. Steve Adamyk Band, Paradise
5. Bob Mould, Sunshine Rock

Kurt Morris
1. Strand Of Oaks, Eraserland
2. Cursive, The Ugly Organ
3. Al Burian, No Apocalypse (book)
4. Various Authors, Lemonade Stand, Volume II (book)
5. The impending arrival of spring

Mark Twistworthy
• Radon, More of Their Lies LP
• Digital Leather, Feeet LP
• Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP
• The Stroppies, Whoosh LP
• Amenra, live

Martin Wong
1. Phranc in concert at McCabe’s and in conversation at Art Division.
2. Claw Hammer at the Satellite with Watt & The Missingmen and Shark Toys, and then at the Glass House with Mudhoney and Adolescents. And Donut Man with Tony afterward.
3. The Dils reunion ride continuing with Watt & The Missingmen, The Horseheads, and The Last at Alex’s.
4. Redd Kross one-off Born Innocent lineup show with and for Janet at The Echo.
5. The Linda Lindas getting asked to open for Bikini Kill. My daughter and nieces and their friend are punker than us parents will ever be.

Mike Faloon
1. Character Actor, Self-titled 7”
2. Night Birds, Roll Credits LP
3. Keeanga-Ymahtta Taylor, How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective (book)
4. Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
5. Kamasi Washington, Heaven and Earth 4 x LP (with hidden bonus LP!)

Mike Fournier
• Rodan, The Hat Factory 93
• Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners
Minor Leagues #7
• Ex Hex, It’s Real
• 7”s: Collate, “Communication” b/w “Selective Memory” (tie) Spowder / Glazer split

Mike Frame
• Pegboy, live in Laramie, Wyo.
• Ex Hex, It’s Real
Shrill (television series)
• Autoclave, Discography
Secret Lives of Introverts (book)

Ollie Mikse
Best Movies of 2018 (Death to the Superhero Genre!)
Death of Stalin
Sorry to Bother You

Paul Silver
1. Problem Daughter, Grow Up Trash LP
2. Even In Blackouts, Romantico! LP
3. Pup, Morbid Stuff LP
4. Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP
5. Steve Adamyk Band, Paradise LP

Rebecca Minjarez
• The Kinks, Kinks
• Nina Simone, Pastel Blues
• Solitaire chess
• Will Rodgers State Beach
• Window seats at diners and cafés

Rene Navarro
Top Five Comics
1. This Modern World
2. Too Much Coffee Man
3. Immortal Choke
4. Won Ton Not Now
5. Bite the Cactus

Rev. Nørb
• Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation LP
• Marked Men, On the Other Side LP
• Cowboys, Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP
• Last Sons Of Krypton / Foamers?, Split LP
• Various Artists, Down South Spaghetty Accident LP

Rich Cocksedge
• Hipshot Killer, All This Time Is Ours LP
• Rad Owl, Madison Beast LP
• Equilibrio / Furio, Split LP
• Various Artists, Hangover Heartattack: A Tribute to Poison Idea CD
• Gary Floyd, Please Bee Nice: My Life Up ’Til Now (book)

Rick V.
1. DiNK (A comics show) in Denver, Colo.
2. Dialer (from Philly) going on tour.
3. Wonder Boy Returns (video game)
4. Three-hour, big budget Hollywood superhero movie.
5. Ska Phase being voted Razorcake’s best new podcast.

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | SF
1. The Cowboys, The Bottom of a Rotten Flower
2. Fried Egg, Square One
3. Jonny Manak And The Depressives, Anybody Wanna Skate
4. E.T. Explore Me, Shine
5. Req’d, Fall in Love on Hate Street

RoQue Torres
1. Business Of Dreams, Ripe for Anarchy LP
2. Pop Ook, Comix and Music Anthology (zine)
3. Louie Pérez, Good Morning Aztlan: The Words Pictures and Songs of Louie Pérez (book)
4. Ollin / Dirty Old Town. A Sincere Pogues Tribute pre-St. Patrick’s Day live at The Redwood Bar, 3/16/19
5. The Reverend Horton Heat, Whole New Life LP

Ryan Nichols
1. No Mercy: The Authorized and Uncensored Biography of The Stranglers by David Buckley (book)
2. Slouching towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion (book)
3. Horny Wave Razorcake podcast
4. Shadowhouse, Conformity EP
5. Red red wine

Sean Koepenick
Heavy Rotation
1. Down By Law, Redoubt 10”
2. The Slickee Boys, No Breaks CD
3. The Razz, You Can Run 7”
4. The Proletariat, Move digital
5. The Bezerkers, Self-titled LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Shirkers
2. Border
3. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot
4. Letterkenny
5. Trigger Warning with Killer Mike

Todd Taylor
• Xetas, live at Antone’s
• Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP
• Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP
• Marlon James in discussion with Roxane Gay at the Museum of African-American Art in L.A. located behind the bedding section of a department store in a mall.
• Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP

Ty Stranglehold
1. Trash On, 6 x LP (RIP Peter)
2. Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
3. Bob Mould, Sunshine Rock LP
4. Eerie Family, Self-titled album
5. Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP


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Top 5s from Razorcake 109 featuring: Bad Sports, Iron Chic, Muro, Sick Thoughts, Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors, Toys That Kill


Top 5s from Razorcake 109 featuring: Bad Sports, Iron Chic, Muro, Sick Thoughts, Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors, Toys That Kill

Illustration by Shane Milner

Andy Garcia

1. Murderer, I Did It All for You LP
2. Fuga, Sin Fronteras Sin Nación EP
3. The Lindas, 8×9 CS
4. Gulch, Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath EP
5. The Theta Girl, directed by Christopher Bickel (movie)

Art Ettinger
Maximumrocknroll’s final issues (zine). 2020 would have been my thirtieth year as an MRR reader. News of its demise is heartbreaking.
• Kepi Ghoulie & the Copyrights, Re-Animation Festival LP
• Fuerza Bruta, Somos el Mal 7”
• The Subjunctives, Self-titled CDEP
• Natalie Sweet, Oh by the Way… It’s LP

Bill Pinkel
• Alien Boy, Sleeping Lessons LP
• Surfbort, Friendship Music LP
Beastie Boys Book
• Color TV, Self-titled LP
• Muncie Girls, Fixed Ideals LP

Candace Hansen
• Drug Church, Cheer
• Allen Ruppersberg, Intellectual Property 1968-2018 at the Hammer (art exhibit)
• Andrea Abi-Karam, The Aftermath
• Depression shopping
• Empath, Environments

Chris Terry
Top 5 Books That Made Me Feel Like I Could Tell My Own Stories
White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty
The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi Durrow
Erasure by Percival Everett
Incognegro by Mat Johnson
Caucasia by Danzy Senna

Craven Rock
1. Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles by Mark Russel (graphic novel)
2. P.O.S, Rememberface, Onry Ozbourne at Crocodile
3. Ezra Furman, Transangelic Exodus CD
4. Wonderland by Samuel Ligon (book)
5. Seagulls, “Dear John Letter” b/w “Foot, Meet Mouth” 7”

Cynthia Pinedo
5 Things That Have Made This Winter Less Terrible
1. The Blink-155 podcast. Sam and Josiah are going through the entire Blink 182 discography and uncovering facts, conspiracy theories, and some of the best/mostly worst covers I’ve ever heard.
2. Jabber, Forever. I was sooo excited for this album to come out, and have been listening to it over and over. I love that the Mean Girls references carry on in “Caesar.”
3. Brave Hands, To End All Worth
4. The Beths, Future Me Hates Me
5. Blink 182, Dude Ranch. This winter was a heavy Blink season.

Daryl Gussin
• S.B.F., Same Beat Forever LP
• Radon, More of Their Lies LP
• Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation LP
• Warthog, live at Zebulon, tie with Schizophonics, live at The Hi Hat, tie with The Dils, live at the Grand Star Jazz Club, tie with Notches, live at Golden Beat
The Bull Loving Truth by Ian Lawrence Campbell Swordy (book)

Designated Dale
Top 5 Songs That Resonate Now More Than Ever
1. “American Ruse” (MC5)
2. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World” (Ramones)
3. “Orgasmatron” (Motörhead)
4. “Stand” (Sly & the Family Stone)
5. “Lies” (The Rolling Stones)

Eric Baskauskas
1. Opening an all-ages club
2. called X-Ray Arcade
3. in Milwaukee
4. with my friends!
5. Come party!

Jamaica Dyer
Mouthful of Birds collection of bizarre short stories by Samanta Schweblin
• New Brother printer and feeling like you own your own Kinko’s at home
• Lou Reed’s Transformer on heavy rotation
• Daniel Levy’s sweater collection in Schitt’s Creek
• Quitting all your social media accounts and feeling as lonely as you did as a teenager

Jen Hitchcock
People to Avoid
1. Infinite Jest people.
2. The That Guy guy who loudly states he doesn’t want to be a That Guy guy.
3. “I hope I am not bothering you but…” people.
4. People who own ferrets.
5. Me, possibly…

Jimmy Alvarado
• Knowing Mike Guerrero
• Bloody Brains, Our Band Sucks, Just Head at Cafe NELA, 1/11/19
• Just Head, La Tuya, Marriage Material, Torpedo Coffins at Cafe NELA 2/23/19
• Ditching cable TV
Pather Panchali, film by Satyajit Ray

Joe Dana
Top 5 of Our Second Annual Razorcake Hearts Drinking Beer and Listening to Record Chili Cook Off
• Cindy Larimore won Best Chili and last year’s winner, Amanda Jones, won both People’s Choice and Second Place
• Our other competitors were Crazy Cow Productions, Terri Wahl from the Red Aunts, Rory Roach, and one of our DJs that evening, Nikki Nothing.
• Our celebrity judges were Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls, Maniac), Kasey Bomber (Angel City Roller Derby commentator and author), and Demorge Brown (Yacht Rock, Harmontown)
• Our other DJs were Samantha Beerhouse and Juan38. All three played kickass stuff.
• We’re at Footsies in Los Angeles the Second Saturday of every month from 5-10. Next Chili Cook Off will be January 2020

Juan Espinosa
• Kali Uchis, Isolation LP
• Lebenden Toten, 9 Shocks Terror, Warthog live at the Echoplex
• Muro, Ataque Hardcore Punk 12”, tie with Vaaska, Inocentes Condenados 7”
• The Dils, live at Grand Star Jazz Club
• Shogun And The Sheets, “Hold On Kid” b/w “Pissing Blood” 7”

Kayla Greet
1. American Steel, Ramona, The Lippies, The Lillingtons, Canadian Rifle, and Larry Arms at The Bottom Lounge, Chicago
2. Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors at El Corazon, Seattle Pop Punk Fest
3. Night Birds, Dead Bars, Criminal Code at Vera Project, Seattle
4. Pop Punk Dim Sum on my birthday with members of Sicko, Cub, and The Smugglers
5. “What is punk rock?” Razorcake on Jeopardy!

Kevin Dunn
1. Idles, Joy as an Act of Resistance
2. Viagra Boys, Street Worms
3. Big Joanie, Sistahs
4. Stiff Little Fingers, Inflammable Material
5. Stuart Bailie, Trouble Songs (book)

Kurt Morris
1. Ovlov, TRU
2. Deeper, Self-titled
3. Low, Double Negative
4. Silver Jews, American Water
5. Julie Doiron & The Wooden Stars, Self-titled

Mark Twistworthy
• Guided By Voices, Zeppelin Over China 2 x LP
• Spinanes, Manos LP re-issue
• Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
• Maniac, Dead Dance Club LP
• Heater, Temporary Power EP

Martin Wong
1. Save Music In Chinatown 17 with The Alley Cats, Rhino 39, Neko Neko (w/Hector from The Zeros), DJ Lisa Fancher (Frontier Records), and The Dils’ first set in forty years. It was our most jam-packed-with-friends-and-family all-ages matinee fundraiser for Castelar Elementary’s music program yet, and an epic tribute to the historic neighborhood’s punk rock past.
2. The city of Los Angeles standing with teachers during UTLA strike. Support excellent, equitable education for all and stop the union-busting privatizers!
3. The city of Rome, including all the tourist spots plus Capuchin Crypts, Cinecittà, and Largo di Torre Argentina ruins and cat sanctuary, and Suz.
4. Flesh Eaters at Amoeba and The Echoplex. What a treat to see the stellar lineup twice in the band’s hometown. And Mudhoney!
5. Grassroots organizing for an underserved community or education is one thing, but getting involved in electoral politics is something else. Thanks to Best Coast, Money Mark, and Justin Maurer for joining The Linda Lindas and Phews at our Jackie Goldberg for School Board benefit.

Matt Average
• Various Artists, Trouble with a Capital T LP
Burning Down the Haus, Tim Mohr (book)
• Debris, Static Disposal LP
The Spook Who Sat By the Door (movie)
• Ilitch, Periodik Mindtrouble LP

Mike Faloon
1. Character Actor, Self-titled 7”
2. Night Birds, Roll Credits LP
3. Keeanga-Ymahtta Taylor, How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective (book)
4. Toys That Kill/Iron Chic, Split LP
5. Kamasi Washington, Heaven and Earth 4 x LP

Mike Fournier
Beastie Boys Book
Fluke #16
Visualizing The History of Fugazi (zine)
• Strange Passage, Shouldn’t Be Too Long LP
• Angry Cougars, Stay in Your Lane! EP

Mike Frame
• The Crabs, Jackpok CD
Turned Out a Punk (podcast)
House of Tomorrow (movie)
• Ben Hamper, Rivethead, (book)
• The Hangmen, live in Fort Collins

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | S.F.C.A.
1. The Cavemen, Low Life 7” | New Zealand rocks
2. The Old Firm Casuals, Holger Danske | S.F. Bay Area punk
3. Video Filth, Hypnosis | Boston hardcore
4. Ils, Pain Don’t Hurt | PDX noise rock
5. These Bastards, Old and Pissed 7” | S.F. hardcore

Ollie Mikse
More Great Albums of 2018
• Kurt Vile, Bottle It in
• Lemuria, Recreational Hate
• Speedy Ortiz, Twerp Verse
• Fucked Up, Dose Your Dreams
• Dog Party, Hit and Run

Paul Silver
1. Hot Snakes at The Casbah, San Diego
2. Band Argument, Patchwork EP
3. Van Dammes, Risky Business EP
4. John Cougar Concentration Camp, Tiltwheel at The Ken Club, San Diego
5. Good Shade, Way Out LP

Replay Dave
• Vacation, Mouth Sounds LP
• Full Sun, Thinking About It LP
• Lungfish, Unanimous Hour LP
• Isaac Hayes, Live at the Sahara Tahoe 2 x LP
• Mudsex / Bucket Flush 7”

Rich Cocksedge
• Vidro, Allt Brinner LP
• Airstream Futures and Mean Caesar live at The Cavern, Exeter
• Acquiring a ticket to see Newport County vs. Manchester City in the FA Cup 5th Round, 16 Feb. 2019
• Alien Boys, Night Danger LP
• Mal-Humorats, Herència Ofegada CD

Rick V.
Top Five New Thangs
1. Cobra Man, Toxic Planet. L.A. disco synth that embarrasses me.
2. Durruti, Nuestro Lema. Ska punk from Chile.
3. TMBG, The Escape Team. First good one in a while.
4. Mitch Clem, Nothing Nice to Say Discography. Jokes hold up!
5. Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom. (New Wonder Boy game.)

Sean Arenas
• Cursive, Vitriola CD
• Christophe Sourice, La Crise 7”
• Pelican Vision, Vocation 12” EP
Horror Noire by Xavier Burgin (documentary)
Climax by Gaspar Noé (film)

Sean Koepenick
Highly Anticipated Spring/Summer Shows
1. The Proletariat/Moving Targets, Somerville, Mass., 4/27
2. The Flesh Eaters and Porcupine (with Greg Norton), Boston, 3/14
3. Jawbox, Cambridge, Mass., 6/14
4. The Undertones, Somerville, 5/24
5. Swervedriver, Boston, 3/27

Tim Brooks
• Fuerza Bruta, Verdugo 12”
• Bootlicker, Who Do You Serve EP
• Vaaska, Inocentes Condenados EP
• Vanity, Evening Entertainment LP
• Carbonas, Your Moral Superiors 2 x LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk
2. Blaze (2018)
3. Minding the Gap
4. Sicilian Ghost Story
5. The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

Todd Taylor
• The Dils, feat. Eloise Wong during “Class War,” live at the Grand Star Jazz Club
• Spiritual Cramp, Television LP
• Sick Thoughts, Self-titled LP
• Fashionism, Smash Singles LP
Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway (book) by Sara Gran tie with The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein (book)
• CRIM, Pare Nostre Que Esteu a l’Infern LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Recent Shows
1. Toys That Kill and Clown Sounds flying into Victoria to play my birthday.
2. Night Birds, Chain Whip, and Sore Points in Vancouver
3. Neighborhood Brats, Crom/Dam and Jesus Ppl. in Victoria
4. Lucky Boys and Arch Enemies in Seattle
5. Ramores, Deathtime, and Chain Whip in Victoria

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Top 5s from Razorcake 102: Fred Cole, Princess Nokia, Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Open Mike Eagle, The Tissues

Top 5s from Razorcake 102: Fred Cole, Princess Nokia, Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Open Mike Eagle, The Tissues

Top 5s from Razorcake 102: Fred Cole, Princess Nokia, Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Open Mike Eagle, The Tissues

Anna Farr
1. Purling Hiss, Breeze
2. Chastity Belt, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone LP
3. Kamikaze Palm Tree, The Ocean Is the Final Solution
4. Parquet Courts, Human Performance LP
5. Writing reviews for Razorcake!

Art Ettinger
• Ripcordz, The Vinyl Countdown 2 x LP
• #Goals, Self-titled CD
• Ramones, Rocket to Russia (40th Anniversary Edition) box set
• Jawbreaker, Demo (remixed/remastered)
• Spider Crew, Sounds of Hatred LP

Billy Kostka
Top 5 Anticipated Releases of 2018
• Nandas LP
• The return of Katorga Works
• BB Eye LP
• A new Kaleidoscope 7”
• Black Panties, Dirt from the Mop 7”

Chad Williams
1. Malcolm Young, R.I.P.
2. Darius Koski, What Was Once Is By and Gone LP
3. The Templars, Deus Vult LP
4. Grave Return, Self-titled 12”
5. Remnants, Accomplices Not Allies LP

Chris Mason
1. Haram, When You Have Won, You Have Lost
2. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
3. Iron Chic, You Can’t Stay Here
4. Fox Face, Spoil + Destroy
5. Protomartyr, Relatives in Descent

Chris Terry
• Detached Objects, Dirt Birth 12”
• Fifteen, Self-titled 7”
• Room 101, One Man Band 12”
• Open Mike Eagle, Brick Body Kids Still Dream 12”
• Catapult is publishing my novel Magical Negroes in 2019

Clara Luci Acosta
1. Sic Waiting, Decent Criminal, Spanish Love Songs, and The Flatliners at Alex’s Bar in LBC on 12/14/17
2. Dead To Me starting their recording on “American Son of Cholo”
3. @addermusic
4. Camp Cope, The Opener
5. Passing all my classes during my first quarter at a four year!

Fred Cole RIP podcast Tim Brooks
(click to listen to the podcast)

Craven Rock
1. The lives and legacies of Fred Cole and Tom Petty. Loved those guys, Rest In Power
2. Tie: no. NOT EVER. at Henry Art Gallery (anti-fascist exhibit) and The Alt-Right Playbook (Youtube series)
3. Tie: The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula Le Guin (book) and Behind The Wheel 3: From Uber/Lyft to Taxi (zine)
4. This Is My Fest 4 in Oakland, spec. Captain 9’s And The Knickerbocker Trio, False Positives, Under 15 Seconds, DFMK, Ghoul, Year Of The Fist
5. Tie: Dunkirk and Moonlight (movies)

Daryl Gussin
• No Warning, Torture Culture LP
• dimber, Damber 7”
• Tin Foil, Self-titled LP
• Princess Nokia, 1992 Deluxe 2 x LP
• Kenny Kenny Oh Oh, I Will Not Negotiate LP

Dave Williams
Top Five LPs of 2017!
1. Hällas, Excerpts from a Future Past
2. Honeymoon Disease, Part Human, Mostly Beast
3. Night, Raft of the World
4. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
5. Mutoid Man, War Moans

Eric Baskauskas
1. Playing the Razorcake #100 bash *Midwest edition* with Tarantüla at Bric-A-Brac Records in Chicago
2. Tarantüla, Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate 7”
3. The Fest 16, it never disappoints
4. Debt Neglector, Atomicland LP
5. Direct Hit / Pears, Human Movement Split LP

Gabby Gonzalez
Top 5 Punk Bands of Today
1. Screw
2. Anxiety
3. Sin Motivo
4. Shux
5. Narc Parade (formerly Carbomb)

Garrett Barnwell
1. Weekend Dads, September Downs 12”
2. Pine Hill Haints, Smoke LP
3. Epic Problem, False Hopes EP
4. Chupra-Cobra, live
5. Roy Kaiser at Record Recycler

Indiana Laub
Top Five 2017 Songs
1. Vagabon, “Cold Apartment (Audiotree)”
2. healing powers, “an apparition”
3. Future Teens, “What’s My Sign Again?”
4. Wet The Rope, “Swing from the Heart”
5. Choke Up, “Full Bloom to Bedlam”

Jeff Proctor
Top Shows of 2017
1. Teenage Fanclub at the Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles
2. Hot Snakes at the Bell House, Brooklyn / Hot Snakes at the Middle East, Cambridge
3. Rocket From The Crypt at the North Park Observatory, San Diego
4. The Jesus Lizard at the Henry Fonda, Los Angeles / tie with Dinosaur Jr. at the Henry Fonda, Los Angeles
5. The Jesus And Mary Chain at the Wiltern, Los Angeles

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Ladies I Like to Listen to Whilst Baking
• Lola Beltrán (“Joyus”)
• Patsy Cline (“Her Legendary Recordings”)
• Ella Fitzgerald (“Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!”)
• Aretha Franklin (“Lady Soul”)
• Sarah Vaughan (“You’re Mine You”)

Jim Joyce
1. Picking Stuff Apart zine by Joshua James Amberson and Craven Rock
2. South Beloit Journal zine by John Porcellino
3. Vito Nusret of MPShows in Chicago, for reading zines in bars and booking Krayola
4. Muff Divers, Dreams of the Gentlest Texture LP
5. Kugali Comics Journal, a monthly pan-African comic magazine

Jimmy Alvarado
• My nephew, Logan Perez: The funniest, coolest cat I know.
• Razorcake hitting the 100 issue mark: so super proud of all of us, honored to be invited for the ride.
• Razorcake 100th issue show at Café NELA with DFMK, Pedal Strike, The Tissues and La Tuya: rad show, radder bands.
• La Tuya releasing its first album: again, super proud of us, proud to be invited for the ride.
• Café NELA: Hands down thee coolest spot in Los Angeles.

Juan Espinosa
• Brujeria, live at the Mayan Theatre, Downtown Los Angeles (shout out to Pull The Plug Radio)
• Swingin’ Utters, Drowning in the Sea, Rising with the Sun 2 x LP
• The World, First World Record LP
• Slimy Member, Ugly Music for Ugly People LP
• Los Angeles Dodgers World Series run. Came so close. We want that ring!

Kayla Greet
1. Jawbreaker and Kate Willett at Capitol Theater, Olympia, Wash.
2. Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic, RVIVR, Bad Sleep at El Corazon, Seattle, Wash.
3. Hot Snakes, Dream Decay, Hurry Up at Chop Suey, Seattle, Wash.
4. Propagandhi, RVIVR, Bad Cop / Bad Cop at El Corazon, Seattle, Wash.
5. Pegboy, 88 Fingers Louie, The Lillingtons at 8 Seconds, Fest 16, Gainesville, Fla.

Kevin Dunn
1. Otokobe Beaver, Love Is Short!!
2. Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Warriors
3. Petaka, Sebuah Dedikasi
4. Ted Leo, The Hanged Man
5. Cock Sparrer, Forever

Kurt Morris
1. Quicksand, Interiors
2. Converge, The Dusk in Us
3. Welcome to Library School (zine)
4. D Hunter mystery series (books)
5. Unsane, Sterilize

1. I finished drawing my next booook!
2. Spinning by Tillie Walden was so good I hugged it when I finished.
3. I tackled and contained a scared pit bull who was running around in traffic. Anyone have room for a young, sweet dog? Photos are on my Instagram.
4. Animal shelter volunteers are brave fucking saints. I want to give them everything.
5. Every illustration by Hellen Jo is the best thing ever.

Mark Twistworthy
• Les Thugs, LP re-issues!
• Boy Wonder LP
• Dog Faced Hermans, Humans Fly LP re-issue
• Godflesh, Post Self LP
• Hüsker Dü, Savage Young Dü LP set

Michael T. Fournier
• Liz Prince, Be Your Own Backing Band
• Angry Cougars, Bullshit Authority 7”
• Documentaries, Riot on the Dance Floor and Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker
• Notches, Change My Mind EP
• FFS fall 2017 readings with Mike Faloon and Jeff Schroeck in Greenpoint 10/20 (w/ Tobias Carroll and Cassie J. Sneider), Geneva NY 10/21 (w/Kevin Dunn) and Ithaca 10/22.

Mike Faloon
1. Jeff Parker, The New Breed LP
2. Weekend mini-tours (Thanks: Mike Fournier, Jeff Schroeck, Geneva Dunns, Cassie J. Sneider, and Tobias Carroll!)
3. Stevie Wonder, “I Love Having You Around”
4. Yawpers, Boy in a Well LP
5. Yes Masters, Self-titled LP (New Kurt Bloch!)

Mike Frame
1. Outsiders, Vital Years CD
2. John Coltrane, Chasing Trane (movie)
3. Black Tiger, Video Game
4. Guy Clark, entire catalog
5. L7, Pretend We’re Dead (movie)

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | SFCA
• Count Vaseline, Tales from the Megaflex LP (Georgia via Ireland indie pop)
• The Monsieurs, Deux LP (Boston garage punk)
• Hand & Leg, Self-titled LP (Greece fuzz punk)
• The Cops, First Offense LP (Houston, TX punk rock)
• Gay Witch Abortion, GWA/TGLH Split LP (Twin Cities noise rock)

Paul Comeau
My Top 5 favorite AC/DC Albums
RIP Malcolm Young!
1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
2. Highway to Hell
3. High Voltage
4. Back in Black
5. For Those about to Rock We Salute You

Paul Silver
1. Dag Nasty, Fireburn, Distant Beds, Let Rage at Soda Bar, San Diego
2. Pegboy, The Bollweevils, Airstream Futures, Breakmouth Annie at The Chop Shop, Chicago
3. Attic Salt, Self-titled LP
4. Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, Spells at Soda Bar, San Diego
5. Sincere Engineer in-store appearance at Reckless Records, Chicago

Rene Navarro
1. Visiting seven countries in seventeen days.
2. The Estranged, Static Thoughts
3. Having my own French press at work, where I’ve also discovered the glory of putting actual onions on an onion bagel lathered with cream cheese.
4. “Laughing at the System” by Total Control, which took me on the wild ride from “Do I like this?” to “Wow, this is great.” Thanks to Juan for posing the question.
5. Listening to Kendrick Lamar back in my holy trinity of hoods: TJ / SD / LA

Replay Dave
1. Rainer Maria, Self-titled LP
2. Worriers, Survival Pop LP
3. Herbie Hancock, Sextant
4. Superchunk, I Hate Music LP
5. Brian Allen Ellis, Something to Do with Self-Hate (novel)

Rev. Nørb
• Replacements, For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986 2 x LP
• Hüsker Dü, Savage Young Dü 3 x CD
• Various Artists, Tailgate Party 2 LP
• Fire Heads, Self-titled LP
• Woolly Bushmen, Arduino LP

Rich Cocksedge
• Limp Wrist, Exit Order, Acrylics (plus others) live at Static Shock Weekend, Nov. 11th
• Lemuria, Recreational Hate LP
• Machine Gun, Self-titled 7”
• The Celetoids, Pupal Stage LP
• Jesus And His Judgemental Father, It Might Get Better LP

Ryan Nichols
1. Soft Kill, Choke LP
2. David Shrigley, What the Hell Are You Doing? (book)
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Patchouli Death
5. Los Tucanes De Tijuana, “La Chona”

Sean Arenas
• Sushicorner, Konichiwow LP
• Heavy Pockets, Mopeless LP
• Bernays Propaganda, Na to igrišče ne smem LP
• Living on Soul by Cory Bailey & Jeff Broadway (documentary)
• Adult Magic, Self-titled 7”

Sean Koepenick
Catching up on reading, thanks jury duty!
1. Cowboy Song: The Authorized Biography of Thin Lizzy’s Philip Lynott by Graeme Thomson
2. Spoke, Compiled by Scott Crawford
3. Trouble Boys: The True Story of The Replacements by Bob Mehr
4. The Night Manager by John Le Carré
5. The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady
2. Gilbert
3. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
4. The Problem with Apu
5. Lady Bird

Todd Taylor
• Iron Chic, You Can’t Stay Here LP tie Dopamines, Tales of Interest LP
Smoke City by Keith Rosson (book)
• Sweet Knives, Self-titled LP
• La Tuya, Self-titled CD
• Rixe, Collection LP tie Giuda, Racey Roller LP
Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (movie)

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 of 2017
• Needles//Pins, Good Night Tomorrow
• Piss Test, LP #2
• Cat Party, Rest in Post
• The Mons, Trust No One
• Career Suicide, Machine Response

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017: Sixty-four Bands! by Kayla Greet

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017: Sixty-four Bands! by Kayla Greet
October 25-29, 2017

Though Fest just celebrated its sixteenth year of existence, this was my very first one. I got off to a great start by running into my friend Adam France (of Burn Burn Burn and sometimes Arms Aloft) on the flight out. Not only were we taking the same red eye from Seattle, we were assigned seats right next to each other. So I got a surprise travel partner all the way to Tampa, and we talked about what we were most excited about to see over the next five days.

Once we landed in Tampa after a few hours sleep, my friends Steve, Tim, and Travis scooped us up and transported us straight to the registration line for Pre-Fest. After getting our wrist bands, swag bags, a visit to the Fest photo booth, and a couple drinks, we set our bags down in the hotel and walked about two miles to the Tampa aquarium. Sure, we were all there for bands, sunshine, and pizza, but why not add a little local culture to the trip? We arrived just in time to see a penguin feeding, then panned tide pools for sharks teeth, saw various aquatic life, and pet stingrays and sea anemones.

Wednesday, 10/25/17—Eleven bands

City Mouse
Sinai Vessel
Teenage Bottlerocket
Off With Their Heads
Apologies, I Have None
Against Me!
Arms Aloft

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
The very first band to kick off my Fest experience was not one that I was familiar with—Daydream from Oakland, Calif. I was still getting my bearings and trying to sort out where I needed to be to see a maximum amount of bands and friends, so this set was mostly lost on me. Pre-Fest is a pretty great way to knock out a lot of the bigger bands that were playing both events, and is considerably smaller. There were five or six venues in Tampa versus the twenty or so in Gainesville and it was much easier to bounce from show to show without risk of missing out due to capacity.

After a brief Seattle meet up and saying hi to the dudes in Off With Their Heads, I walked over to Crowbar for City Mouse and Caskitt. The overall event is so impressively planned out with every space backlined with a full drum kit plus Orange cabs and heads—all the bands needed to bring were guitars and their repertoires.

Some of the things I was less prepared for were how exhausted I was after twelve hour days five times in a row, how to best spend the gaps in my schedule to rest and/or see new bands I was unfamiliar with, and how to handle not getting into a show I had my heart set on. In one of those gaps on Wednesday I followed my friends in Young Go Hards to Tequila’s where I saw a band called Ghouls from the U.K. that I was pleasantly surprised by.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
Then I hit up Teenage Bottlerocket and half of Off With Their Heads before running off to see Apologies, I Have None, high fiving Ray Rocket on the street as I passed him. Apologies was easily one of the best sets I saw all of Fest. There was a huge crowd of fans from the U.K. there earnestly shouting along to every song. One of them spent the set with his back to the band and his arms outstretched as if he was orchestrating the whole mob of Brits.

Following that, I bounced over to Against Me! who played a great number of songs with a saxophone! I made a temporary show buddy who draped his arm around my shoulders and sang along to their whole set with me. Those are the moments that make things like Fest really special. Then I finished off the night with Arms Aloft who whipped the crowd into a frenzy. I found a spot right behind the speakers where I got a great view of the band as well as the folks trying to navigate rocking out with a tarp-covered billiards table in the middle of the room. Seth from Arms Aloft closed off the night saying where they were playing for Fest, but requested that people go support bands with women and people of color in them instead.

Thursday, 10/26/17—Thirteen bands

Clown Sounds (URTC)
Pkew Pkew Pkew
Too Many Daves
Meat Wave
Smoking Popes
Beach Slang
Toys That Kill
Banner Pilot
88 Fingers Louie
The Lillingtons

Thursday started off a lot later in the day than I had hoped for. My backpack and all my essentials were trapped in my friend’s hotel room and he had passed out earlier in the night than anticipated. So Adam and I graciously set off to stay at my friend (and Fest photographer) Lorien’s parents’ house just outside of Tampa. We didn’t get back into town till around 4 PM. I collected my things and made my first meal of the day a veggie Subway sandwich that I scarfed down while watching toyGuitar from the sidewalk outside of Crowbar.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
I then rounded the corner to catch Jabber at Tequila’s and boomeranged back to Crowbar for Underground Railroad To Candyland and Tiltwheel. Throughout all five days, I stuck to a strict regimen of 1:1 water and PBR so that every time I saw a new band I toggled those liquids. This kept me from getting too inebriated to make it through the day (I witnessed many people pausing midway for a beer nap), as well as staying hydrated.

Pkew Pkew Pkew was the first time I experienced not being able to really see a band. Up to that point, every set was easily accessible and I had no issue getting in. But I dipped out of Tiltwheel halfway through and found that I barely managed to watch Pkew x3’s set from the doorway. It was absolutely packed! Which didn’t stop the sardines inside from endlessly crowd surfing.

From here I bounced around till the Popes, who played a fantastic set at the Orpheum. They even did a brand new song which was awesome. I stuck around for Beach Slang but left halfway through ‘cause the fans were just too much for me to deal with. After getting a sharp elbow to the shoulder blade with no remorse from the person who slammed into me while James rasped about filthy luck, I cut my losses and went to dance to Toys That Kill for half an hour. I’ll seriously never get sick of seeing those dudes. It was also nice to chat with Sean Cole a couple of times throughout the weekend.

Here’s where I lose you guys, probably: I don’t give a damn about Banner Pilot but I’ll go see them for “free” if given the opportunity. It felt a lot like when I went to a Battlestar Gallactica writer’s panel and got nerd shamed when I told the guy next to me in the back row I’d never seen a single episode. But anyways, I spent my time at this set randomly chatting with a guy in an Extreme Noise (Minneapolis record store) hoodie because I like that shop. Turns out that he’s not only not from the Midwest, but was a friend of Art Ettinger, who I met at a show in Pittsburgh in June. Talk about small world!

88 Fingers Louie was great, but Lillingtons were goddamned wonderful. I found a spot right next to the stage and could actually see the entire show. Afterwards, I made new friends who told me about randomly crashing a Third Eye Blind afterparty in Kentucky and I told them about being backstage at two Barenaked Ladies shows.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
And with that Pre-Fest wrapped up without a hitch, even though there was an active serial killer in Tampa the whole time we were all there. Scary!

Friday, 10/27/17—Eleven bands

Seattle Fucking Supersonics
Wolf-face (Jawbreaker)
Decent Criminal
Young Go Hards
Hot Water Music
88 Fingers Louie
The Lillingtons

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
After another night at Lorien’s folks’ place, I said bye to Adam as he boarded the Porkchop Express and I hopped into my buddies’ rental on our way to Gainesville. We stopped midway for a roadside attraction of live baby gators and fresh grapefruit. There’s actually way more than one of these in a two-hour drive. I mean, it is Florida.

My friends were staying near Bo Diddley and I set off towards the Holiday Inn pool party while they checked in. I grabbed a beer in the lobby of the hotel and took an opportunity to charge my phone but the only available outlet was next to some guys I didn’t know. They kindly allowed me to plug in and chatted with me while I waited for my phone to charge. One of those guys (Drew) made a point to say hi and hang out with me every time we ran into each other over the next three days, which made going it alone a lot less awkward. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being able to come and go as I pleased without having to check in with a group of people, but having someone to tag along with is awesome too.

I decided to skip the pool party and track down some longtime friends who had just recently gotten married. Jon, Rachel, and I caught up at Palo and then headed to Mother’s for the Wolf-Face Jawbreaker cover set. Now those not familiar with their schtick, these guys dress up as Michael J. Fox’s character in Teen Wolf, so think basketball uniform-wearing werewolves. Their singer dressed as Dracula and made a joke that he thought they were all going in costume for this set. Anyways, it was the closest I’d ever gotten to seeing Jawbreaker, until I actually saw Jawbreaker a month later.

Then I went to my least favorite venue of Fest: 8 Seconds. It’s a massive space with two levels, which meant a ton of people could fit in there. But the sound was not great, the bouncers were surly, and on the first day they were still allowing smoking inside. I caught a bit of Nothington, long enough for Jay to give a shout out to his dad for being there and a few songs, then ran over to Loosey’s for Ramona. They had just relocated from Seattle to Philadelphia so it was really nice to be able to see them again.

Another Seattle local was playing after them, but in the twenty minutes between sets I rushed over to Palo to see Decent Criminal. Now I don’t know what happened, but towards the end of their set there was an issue with the guitar amp and their guitarist started pounding his fist on it. That then escalated to him hitting it with the guitar, and ended with him trying to smash his guitar on stage, grabbing the mic, and singing a few lines before walking off mid-song. It was entertaining at first, but ultimately made me a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, one of their friends grabbed the mic and finished the set with the rest of the band, which kinda saved it.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
Without having much time to process that, I headed back to Loosey’s to watch my buds in Young Go Hards who finished extra hard with a Cher cover, complete with a mid-set costume change! Glad I didn’t have to turn back time in order to catch that. Following their set, I joined up with my friends in Ramona and Rebuilder to hit up the pinball bar for a few games. Pinball is one of my top favorite things and it was really difficult to pull myself away from that for my other favorite thing—live music. After getting a high score on Medieval Madness, I was ready to head back out.

Here I caught a little bit of Hot Water Music and went back to 8 Seconds for freaking Pegboy! They, sadly, were playing at the same time as Atom And His Package, who I haven’t seen since 2003, but Pegboy was a bucket list band for me. Plus my buddy and fellow Razorcaker Tommy was out there doing merch for them. Win/win situation. I snagged a spot on the side of the stage with Ranae who joked about how Larry usually gets exhausted and lays down on stage after the third song. Well, this time he made it to the fourth one before he sat down for a breather!

I looked around the huge room and spotted Ray Rocket singing along to every word. That’s one of the coolest things about Fest—watching people you’re a fan of be fans themselves. At a local show or on tour, these guys are super approachable, but you never really get to see them as anything besides musicians themselves. In Gainesville they’re right alongside you in the crowd, enjoying a bunch of their favorite bands as well.

Even though I’d just seen 88 Fingers Louie and Lillingtons the night before, I stuck around to hang out with Tommy and the dudes from Pegboy. Those Chicago guys are a lot of fun. Outside, an out of breath Larry told us he was getting way too old for that shit and punk rock was exhausting him, but also could he bum a cigarette?

Lillingtons finished off the first day of Fest, I said goodbye to my buddies, and hit up Flacco’s for a late night veggie burrito before calling it a night.

Saturday, 10/28/17—Thirteen bands

Dollars Signs (Scooby Doo)
Bong Mountain
The Dirty Nil
The Eradicator
Off With Their Heads
A Wilhelm Scream
City Of Caterpillar
Jabber (No Doubt)
City Mouse (The Muffs)
Worriers (Fleetwood Mac)
The Dopamines

Day four! At this point I’m so fucking tired and sore. Never hungover or dehydrated—just worn out from so much walking, standing, and being out from 1 PM to 2AM every day. I make Reggae Shack my first stop and have lunch with a new friend Gabriel. The food here is easily the best I had on the whole trip and the coconut mango smoothie really started my day off right. Gabriel and I headed over to Boca, which we found was at capacity. We watched a few of Dollar Signs’ songs through the glass door, and eventually made it in when a couple people left. These Michigan guys were all dressed up as Scooby Doo characters. Having packed my Star Trek uniform with me, I really appreciated their acknowledgment of the Halloween spirit.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
Afterwards was Bong Mountain, of which our mutual friend Matt Stacks is the drummer. At this point with my energy level, I’m not looking to be in a pit with crowd surfers and the Florida sun beating down on me, getting doused in PBR. So I snagged a corner by the bar and enjoyed the shade as much as their set.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
I’d considered skipping OWTH at Bo Diddley but I’m glad I didn’t. Ryan paid a random dude from the audience twenty dollars to put on an Avatar wig and let them paint him blue. He then was a part of the show for the first few songs before Ryan “released him back into the wild.” There was a definite Smurf section of the pit afterwards, and OWTH throwing the rest of the blue paint out to the audience only made it worse (better?).

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
Catching half of City Of Caterpillar afterwards was really fucking great, but I am still kicking myself for not going to see them when they played Seattle just prior to Fest. I figured I would see them in Florida, but didn’t consider that it would conflict with the other bands I wanted to see. So I left early to watch Jabber’s fantastic No Doubt cover set.

At this same time Against Me! was doing their Reinventing Axl Rose set, which I didn’t realize how much I’d regret missing until I heard people talk about it the next day. Whatever, I’m dumb. But I did get to catch Worriers doing Fleetwood Mac and City Mouse doing The Muffs, both of which were so perfect and magical.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
I dragged myself to Dopamines for the last set of the night, but was too tired, sweaty, and beat to stay for the whole thing. Someone at the High Dive forgot to close the back door and a bunch of us watched Dopamines play for a while from basically behind the stage. After “Public Domain,” I stepped outside to get an Uber. While I waited, I got to hear Nothington at Loosey’s on my right, Dopamines on my left, and a slice of Five Star pizza was center stage. Moments like these make Fest wonderful.

Sunday 10/29/17—Fifteen bands

Crime In Stereo (Is Dead 10 year anniversary)
After the Fall (Descendents)
Squirtgun (Screeching Weasel, Ghoulies, Mopes, Riverdales, Queers, et cetera)
Apologies, I Have None
The Murderburgers
Garrett Dale
Good Friend
The Slow Death
Iron Chic
Western Settings
Dead Bars
Teen Agers

Was I ever a huge Crime In Stereo fan? Not really. Was I going to miss them play the fan favorite record from start to finish? Of course not. Fest for me was all about filling my day with new experiences, bands I’d never heard of, and ones I loved dearly. Only the real die hard CIS folks were out at 1 PM after a full weekend of partying, but Bo Diddley is so huge that even a crowd of five hundred seems sparse out there. CIS remarked that this was the earliest show they’d ever played, and as far as I could tell, they did so flawlessly.

On my way to the High Dive I poked my head into see a bit of After The Fall doing Descendents. I’d been on the fence about Squirtgun’s pop punk cover set since I’d seen so many of the bands they were doing and thought I might rather seek out something I knew nothing about. Well, I’m really glad I went anyways. They played songs from every pop band the members had a hand in outside of Squirtgun. This meant Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, Screeching Weasel, Zoinks!, Common Rider, and Methadones. What a fucking treat. This turned out to be one of my favorite sets of the whole weekend.

Since Apologies, I Have None was my number one set of Pre-Fest, I went to catch them again, this time at Bo Diddley, and this time not nearly as fun. But I ran into my new friend Drew and we caught each other up on our Fest highlights. As he head out to see Brutal Youth, I realized I should have just stayed at the High Dive and seen all of Murderburgers instead of the two songs I caught after waiting in line to get in. Que será, será.

Off to the Wooly, where I almost didn’t get in for Worriers, but I managed not to strike out twice in a row. They were so great and have become such a tight and talented band over the years. I was happy to finally hear some stuff from Survival Pop done live, too.

For a moment I considered skipping toyGuitar who was up next, but that set at Pre-Fest while I scarfed down a sandwich on the sidewalk was not enough. Not to say there weren’t many people there, ‘cause there definitely were, but I had a ton of room to dance towards the back. Half an hour later, I had completely bounced back and my energy levels were soaring, even through I’d mostly lost my voice trying to keep up with Jack Dalrymple. No contest; Jacks voice wins every time.

With rubbery legs I wandered over to Tall Paul’s for a triple threat of MakeWar, Good Friend, and The Slow Death. The first two have been on tour with each other for about a month and had gotten rather tight. They were wearing each other’s T-shirts and the guys in MakeWar did some backup vocals for a few Good Friend songs. I got Good Friend’s record to review for Razorcake a few months back and it was so cool to be able to see these guys so soon after. Considering they’re from Ireland/Newcastle, I might not get another chance.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
What can I say about Slow Death? Jesse Thorson is a stage presence to be reckoned with and you never know what you’re gonna get with him. Before the set was half over, he was dead lifting beer kegs and holding them over his head like a deranged Donkey Kong. Mikey Erg played guitar with them, making it his 79th set of the day, and grinning ear to ear the whole time. I think people enjoy Slow Death for the lose cannon aspect just as much as the tunes. I hung back for a bit to have a drink with Ryan, Ranae, and Lisa (New Noise Magazine), before rushing out to catch the last half of Iron Chic at Bo Diddley.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
Superchunk was next but at this point I just wanted to relax and take a break from music. I stayed for a few songs and then headed to the pinball bar with friends. This was the night to be at the arcade! Shortly after I got there, members from Worriers, City Mouse, and OWTH showed up, and Mikey Erg was on the third floor playing DJ for the whole place. I played a few games, talked to Adam (City Mouse) for a while, and hugged Mikey Erg. The end of Fest was nigh.

Fest and Pre-Fest 2017
Last stop: Rocky’s Piano Bar. I only caught the tail end of Western Settings because I had to run back to High Dive to retrieve my stuff before their bag check closed. Closing out the night was Dead Bars who I see all the time at home, but it’s different seeing bands in other states. I was shuffled in with a bunch of strangers, all of whom were singing along to a song about a bus I take back in Seattle. It was so cool to be around people I’d never met who knew all the same words and loved music in all the same ways.

Teen Agers went on next but I spent their set saying my goodbyes to friends from all over the country. Some friends and I grabbed a six pack to share at their hotel, and at about 3 AM I decided to head back to my Air Bnb. But once I got out to the curb, a Fester was offering to share his Uber with anyone who wanted to go to the Great Canadian Beer Purge afterparty at Holiday Inn. Not wanting Fest to be over yet, I hopped in. By the time I actually headed back, it was around 4:30. My Uber driver was playing nothing but Against Me!, and I felt like it was a perfect note to go out on after a weekend in their hometown while it was overrun with punks.

I stayed an extra day and got to experience Gainesville without the influx of Fest folks. In comparison, it was basically a ghost town. My Monday was really excellent though. I got a tattoo, met friends for coffee, went record shopping, spent a few hours in the (free!) Natural History Museum and Art Museum at University of Florida, walked a couple miles around campus, saw a real live alligator out in the wild, and watched hundreds of the 400,000 bats on campus fly out of their bat houses at dusk. Then I made one more trip to the fabulous Reggae Shack where I ran into Worriers and told them how much I enjoyed their work, spent a few more hours and tokens at the pinball bar, and said goodbye to Fest.

Let’s do it again next year, shall we?