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Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Aurat

Los Angeles band, Aurat (OH-RUT), meaning “Women” in Urdu, embraces the Urdu language with lyrics of its native language and nontraditional sounds.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Boyfriend

Boyfriend x Saint Prudence

Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Zipaktli The illAgator and Oscura Luna

Chicas Rockeras SELA invited Zipaktli The illAgator & Oscura Luna, amongst others, to perform during lunchtime for the SELA rock campers.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Ozma

Ozma at the Troubador.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column – Valentin Marx


Brooklyn-based band, Valentin Marx, gave the West Coast a little taste of their indie rock tunes at The Hotel Cafe during their February L.A. visit.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Alice Bag


Alice Bag shakes Dorothy’s chandeliers.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column — Sista Eyerie


Sista Eyerie resonates love and resistance everywhere she goes. She’s currently getting ready to release an album where her reggae-fused hip hop beats and poetic rhymes will no doubt engage your booty shakin’, fist-raisin’ minds.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column — Chelsea Mone’t

Daisy Noemi Photo Column — Chelsea Mone’t

Hip Hop community comes together in SELA.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Yaeji

Yaeji brought New York rave vibes with her house and hip hop-fused jams to The Regent Theater. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many uninhibited Angelenos sweaty dancing all night long.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column, Sister Mantos

Sister Mantos by Daisy Noemi

Sister Mantos performs at Echo Park Rising.