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Confronting Abuse: The Complexity of Grief by Will Kenneth

With help, Will realizes he’s grieving the abusive relationship with his father. He shares his own story, while coming to terms with an array of conflicting and confusing emotions.

Confronting Abuse: The Power of Manipulation by Will Kenneth

Confronting Abuse: The Power of Manipulation

Will looks back on a pivotal encounter with a grade-school bully. He realizes abuse at home played a key role in diffusing this challenging moment.

Confronting Abuse: Dealing with People Accused of Sex Abuse in DIY Spaces by Will Kenneth


We can choose how to react to news that people in our DIY spaces are accused of sex abuse. Will provides some guidance on actions we can take on how to support survivors of sex abuse and to protect others in our community.

Confronting Abuse: Small Acts of Empathy Can Make a World of Difference by Will Kenneth

Confronting Abuse, NIkki Kelly

Will tries to step in when he sees a stranger being abused, though helping someone who is being abused can be more than just trying to intervene.

Confronting Abuse: A Tie That Binds Too Many of Us By Will Kenneth

Talking about abuse can be frightening and uncomfortable, but I’m tired of being afraid to speak up. I’m sharing my story to let others know they’re not alone.