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Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Cunts

Bring your panty hose, stretch that shit over your head, and get ready for some violence. It’s the type of music you would play on the way to robbing a bank while high on PCP and, of course, you’re having relationship issues. Now tell me you don’t wanna get stupid to that shit?

Anthony Mehlhaff photo column—Daikaiju

Daikaiju amidst their infamous fire ritual moments before being doused with a bicarbonate and phosphate combo and then 86’ed from The 1720 in Los Angeles, California 2018.

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Viagra Boys

Formaldehyde, wiener dogs, and surfing with your Mom: A night with The Jungle Man and Viagra Boys. Lead singer Sebastian Murphy swims above a pile of young street worms in Los Angeles.

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Fight It Out

Fight It Out pushing and shoving with hostel kids at The 5 Star Bar. Powerviolence makes the world go round: A Japanese throwdown in the streets of DTLA.

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—The Manx

This is only the beginning of this fascinating voyage into the bizarre world of The Manx. Take my hand, close your eyes, and trust me as I spit a mouthful of food coloring deep into the pores of your face.