Sponsor a Space to Receive a Bundle of Razorcakes

In these times of increasing rigid and intolerant worldviews, help bring independent voices to your communities.

For $25, sponsor a space to receive 25 copies of the newest Razorcake issue to give away. Whether it’s a bar, venue, record store, book store, comic book store, bike shop, coffee shop, health clinic, library, or even your own house, let’s help make Razorcake more accessible, anyway we can.

You can prepay for a yearlong sponsorship for $150, or sign up for an automatic payment plan of $12.50 every month.

Often times, the people that need Razorcake most don’t get a chance to join the conversation. Let’s work together and help make the voices we want to be heard louder.

Payment Options
Checks or Money Orders can be sent to:
Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042

To purchase a year’s worth of issues through Paypal click here
or paypal.me/razorcake/150

To sign up for the Paypal plan which automatically deducts $12.50 a month from your account, click here