Razorcake Podcast #630 with Jimmy Alvarado

“We hate fashion and all it’s supposed to stand for/Everything is plastic and sold to you without your asking.” –Suburban Homes

Life Trap, “Control Freak” (No Bullshit Vol. 3, No Way)
Carsickness, “Police Dog” (1979-1982, Get Hip)
Suburban Homes, “Magazine” (E.P.3, Neck Chop)
Budget Girls, “You’re So Sorry” (Damaged Goods 1988-2018 comp, Damaged Goods)
Spider Fever, “Out in the Crowd” (Self-titled, Windian)
– – –
Shattered Faith, “Rise and Fall” (Volume III, Hostage)
Mad Parade, “Someone Waits” (Real Horror Show:1982-83 Demos, Hostage)
The Crowd, “It’s a Scene” (Surf Ghetto Riot, Hostage)
Love Canal, “Black Clouds” (If It Ain’t Broke, Break It, Hostage)
Saucers, “Quiet Boy” (Third Saucer from the Sun, Rerun)
Sniveling Shits, “Isgodaman” (Demo)” (I Can’t Come, Damaged Goods)
Trash Monkeys, “Puppies, Puppies, Puppies” (Trash Monkey Universe, Almost Ready)
– – –
Social Conflict, “Overdose” (Propaganda: The East Los Underground comp cassette, F.O)
Incomplete, “Thanks for Nothing” (Propaganda: The East Los Underground comp cassette, F.O)
Corrupted Youth, “Confusion” (Class Struggle, Evacuate)
Youth Gone Mad, “U Want It” (Split 7” w/ Sound Bite House, Moving Target)
SMD, “Pandemic Paranoia” (Born Against, King of Drunk)
Flag of Democracy, “Under My Dumb” (No School, No Core, SRA)
Deranged Diction, “Aspirin” (Eat Me comp cassette, BCT Tapes)
Total War, “Slow Death” (Sound the Alarms comp, Maximum Rocknroll)
Violent Minds, “Nuclear Nightmare” (Eyes of Death, Deranged)
No Slogan, “Porky’s Surf” (Aversion Therapy, Residue)
Dayglo Abortions, “1967” (Feed Us a Fetus, Toxic Shock)
Billy Childish, “Sing Shed Sing” (Damaged Goods 1988-2018 comp, Damaged Goods)
– – –
Chrome, “The Magic Bong” (Ghost Machine, Klanggalerie)



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