Razorcake Podcast #596 with Yvonne Drazan | The Left Side Of Latin, with Special Guest, El Implacable

It’s been 30 years since the beginnings of “Rock En Español” in Los Angeles and El Implacable, otherwise know as El Profesor Jorge Leal, has dedicated much of his free (and not so free) time to archiving this musical movement, particularly in the South East L.A. area. He not only teaches its importance at a university level, but he is also working on a dissertation on the subject and maintains the Instagram feed @rockarchivola, where he posts photos, flyers and anecdotes about the Rock Angelino scene. We spent my podcast reminiscing like la couple of viejitos on those fun times and he treated me with a selection of music that represented the local scene past & present. Hope you enjoy, and maybe even learn something new!


Las 15 Letras “Panico Implacable” (Los Angeles, CA)
– – –
Los Olvidados “Perdida” (Los Angeles, CA)
– – –
Maria Fatal “Las Aves” (Los Angeles, CA)
– – –
Viernes 13 “Johnny Pistolero” (Los Angeles, CA)
Voz De Mano “Moto” (Los Angeles, CA)
– – –
Twin Seas “Surf Wave” (Los Angeles, CA)
Maria Blues “Rude Monkey” (Los Angeles, CA)

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