Razorcake Podcast #582 The CandoHando Funtime Radio Hour with Eden Kittiver

What a serious honor and joy to spend some time with my favorite youth prodigy photographer: Eden Kittiver. I guarantee Eden has photographed some of your favorite bands, probably before she was even of age to be in the club. She’s got a beautiful and unique voice and vision. Sharp and soft, her photos are modern but not cliché. She’s a real fucking gift to this planet and a quality human.

Topics explored range from Eden history, magic earrings, nerding out on your faves at parties, and creative hibernation as preservation.

Somebody give this girl a gallery show already!


Vnlvx, “Bonnie Song” (Is Unlux)
– – –
toyGuitar, “In My Head” (In This Mess)
Baron Bandini, “CarnEvil” (Taking Babylon)
Illuminati Hotties, “Pressed 2 Death” (Kiss Yr Frenimies)
– – –
Sheer Mag, “Just Can’t Get Enough” (Need to Feel Your Love)
Bad Cop/Bad Cop, “Why Change A Thing” (Warriors)
Cayetana, “Scott Get the Van, I’m Moving” (Nervous Like Me)
Lemuria, “Mechanical” (Get Better)
– – –
Joyce Manor, “Derailed” (Self-titled)
Sincere Engineer, “CornDog Sonnet No. 7” (Rhombithian)
Problem Daughter, “Splinters” (Fits of Disorganized Boredom)
– – –
Banner Pilot, “Letterbox” (Souvenir)
dimber, “Sons and Daughters” (Sons and Daughters 7”)
– – –
Horror Squad, “Liquor Stories” (Death Posi)