Razorcake Podcast #569 with Alex and Ally of Get Better Records

Alex and Ally of Get Better Records were kind enough to swing by the office and play some tracks while discussing a little of how this bad ass label operates. If you like what you hear, hit ‘em up and pick up some records and tapes. DIY or die!


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Bacchae, “Burn”
– – –
Sheer Mag, “Nobody’s Baby”
Potty Mouth, “Long Haul”
HIRS, “Trans Woman Dies of Old Age”
Empath, “The Eye”
– – –
HIRS, “Invisible”
Coherence, “Wilshire”
Dark Thoughts, “Identity Crisis”
Choked Up, “Landmine”
– – –
Worriers, “Future Me”
TANKINI, “We Sat on the Porch”
Rexmanningday., “Mass Ave”
Accidente, “Pulso”
– – –
Control Top, “Type A”

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