Razorcake Podcast #563 The CandoHando Funtime Radio Hour with Jennie Cotteril

Jennie is a true gem of a human and managed to squeeze in this podcast right before getting dropped off at the airport for Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s 2nd leg of their 2018 European tour. Themes explored are: songs that inspire her, tour snacks, life changes, Texas, BC/BC news and more!

Is the Gogi Berry just figment of Kirkland’s imagination? Is Jennie’s dog really a YouTube star? Can PMA save the world?

Listen and find out!


A Giant Dog, “& Rock & Roll” Pile
– – –
Wire, “Fragile” Pink Flag
Bad Sports, “Done to Death” Living With Secrets
Drakulas, “Stepping on Glass” Raw Wave
Radioactivity, “Silent Kill” Silent Kill
– – –
Gazebos, “Sauna” Die Alone
Sweet Spirit, “Stop Trippin’” Cocomo
Shannon And The Clams, “Onion” Onion
Woolen Men, “Walking Out” Temporary Monument
– – –
Chain And The Gang, “Bill for the Use of the Body” Music’s Not for Everyone
Sheer Mag, “Suffer Me” Need to Feel Your Love
The Replacements, “Androgynous” Let It Be
Parque Courts, “Pretty Machines” Content Nausea
– – –
The Royal Headache, “Electric Shock” High

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