Razorcake Podcast #521 with Yvonne Drazan | The Left Side Of Latin – Interview with Nina Diaz

Art by FloraRae Tapia

On this edition of The Left Side of Latin I was able to spend some time with one of my favorite artists, Nina Diaz. Some of you may know her as the front woman of the group Girl In A Coma, but she also has an amazing solo album. In out little chat, we talked about her beginnings with Girl In A Coma, played some of those tunes and also got deep into the writing process for her solo material that included inspiration pre and post sobriety.

We had a lot of fun and played some great music. Hope you enjoy this podcast as mush as we did recording it!

Girl In A Coma, “BB”
Girl In A Coma, “Say”
– – –
Girl In A Coma, “She Had A Plan”
Girl In A Coma, “Si Una Vez”
– – –
Nina Diaz, “Rebirth”
Nina Diaz, “Star”
– – –
Nina Diaz, “Jan 9th”
– – –
Nina Diaz, “For You”


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